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An Introductory Guide to Different Types of Suit Pockets

Suit pockets play an important role in both the form and function of a suit. In terms of form, pockets contribute greatly to the overall structure, silhouette, and proportions of a suit. They also offer visual interest by breaking up large expanses of fabric. On the functional side, suit pockets provide necessary storage for everyday items like wallets, phones, keys, etc. The placement, size, and styling of a pocket also influence how you hold yourself and interact while wearing a suit.

With suits being such a critical component of both business and formal wear, it’s not surprising that different types of suit pockets have evolved to suit different occasions and styles. Within the dressing world, pockets represent formality and can help match your attire to the formality of an event. That’s why understanding pocket types of suits is crucial for putting together appropriate outfits.

Three Common Types of Suit Pockets

There are several different types of suit pockets, each suitable for specific occasions. The three most common types are welted pockets, flap pockets, and patch pockets.

1. Welted Pocket

Considered as the most formal and elegant option, welted pockets have their edges welted or overcast using the same thread as the suit fabric. This results in nearly invisible stitching that provides a seamless, smooth look to the suit. Without any raw edges or embroidered embellishments visible, welted pockets radiate understated sophistication that’s appropriate for boardroom meetings, interviews, and conservative business settings.

2. Flap Pocket

Featuring an external flap of fabric that covers the opening, flap pockets project a dressier impression compared to patch pockets while retaining an approachable feel. The flap is usually held closed by a button or similarly discreet closure. This pocket style falls on the semi-formal end of the spectrum, making it suitable for client meetings, sales presentations, networking events, etc.

3. Patch Pocket

The patch pocket is distinguished by its exposed rectangular fabric patch. The raw cut edges of the patch contrast with the welted pockets’ invisible stitching for an informal appearance. This suit pocket is ideal for travel suits, day-to-day meetings that require smart-casual dressing, and other interactions where a polished yet relaxed impression is preferable.

Other Types of Suit Pockets

While the three types mentioned above are the most common, there are several other types of pockets for suits available on the market, each having distinct features and functions. These include:

1. Chest Pocket

Often found on blazers and sport coats, chest pockets provide easy access storage near the chest. This pocket type is great for functions where hands are frequently in use like presentations or casual daytime events.

2. Ticket Pocket

Ticket pocket is a small, narrow pocket located above other pockets, usually on the left. It is made for items like transportation tickets or notes. It lends tradition to tailored suits and blazers.

3. Inside Pocket

The inside pocket, as the name suggests, is an interior pocket that’s found within the jacket/blazer. It is ideal for storing valuable documents or personal items securely. The inside pocket is often seen in formal attire like tuxedos.

4. Slanted Pocket

The slanted pocket is angled rather than straight and exudes a relaxed vibe. It gives a sporty feel and is suitable for summertime tailoring, unstructured sport coats, and casual tailored looks.

Recommendation: Select Suit Pockets Based on Occasion and Personal Preferences

With the wide variety of pocket styles available, choosing the right type is crucial. It is recommended that you consider the formality of an event along with your style preference when making a decision. Patch or flap pockets work for most business situations, but welted is best for important client meetings. Similarly, slanted pockets fit casual affairs while ticket pockets add style and tradition to black tie occasions. Ultimately, suit pocket choice says a lot about the wearer, so you should find styles that reflect your personality as much as the event dress code. A made-to-measure (MTM) suit allows fully customizing pockets to suit individual needs.

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Through its platform, Kutetailor allows customers to fully personalize pocket styles and placements and even add unique monogramming. Some key advantages of ordering MTM suits from the brand include:

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