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Andar Bahar Online in India | Play For Free | Read Game Description

Features of Indian game Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a new South Indian game. Incredibly simple, but incredibly attractive and unique at the same time, has attracted the attention of players for centuries.

Online Andar Bahar at  uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The game begins by shuffling the cards, then the TV presenter takes a card from the middle of the group and puts it in the place marked as a joke. Then the leader puts the deck on the table and begins to disassemble the cards one at a time. The goal of the game is to collect cards of the same value as the Joker (regardless of suit). The team that draws the card first wins.

The game offers a variety of game options: funny color, 7/7 up or draw, winning card color, which team wins – draw or draw.

Game features:

  • Main interface

The game is made in an oriental style, but with elements of modern cyberpunk.

  • Multiple betting options

Andar Bahar offers players various betting options

  • Simple game mechanics

The rules are very simple, the cycle is fast and without delays.

Andar Bahar has become very popular among fans of live dealer games. Leading developers such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play have already included this interesting game of chance in their offer. Games like Super Andar Bahar and Andar Bahar Live are attracting new players and many of them are planning to enter the market in the future.

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