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Anson Chen of Netflix’s ‘The Devil Punisher’ Masterminds His Next Role

The Blossoming Actor is Also Busy Producing Gala Events and Variety Shows

While the pandemic has enormously impacted Hollywood, one of Taiwan’s hottest actors, Anson Chen, isn’t letting anything stop him from making his mark on the world. His recipe for feeling good: staying positive despite uncertainty.

“You can’t fly to other places to work like before, so some possible projects I’ve hoped for have been cancelled and others delayed,” he acknowledged. “That is not good for anyone. But I truly hope this Covid situation will end soon and am really trying to be patient. It is going to take some time to make sure we will all be safe to work together again.”

In the interim, Chen is taking the time to read interesting scripts and take sign language classes. “And I also work out a lot, I really want to keep my mind and body in shape.”

Chen has really enjoyed his role as the professor on Netflix’s “The Devil Punisher.”

“I’ve done several melodramas, but I rarely have acted in action-based dramas. That all changed with ‘The Devil Punisher.’ This really broadened my acting ability; I have the opportunity to be a part of some fantastic scenes that are backed up with some impressive special effects. This is an exciting experience and I must say I have learned so much!”

What is also fun for Chen: this is the first time he is playing the mastermind!

“What’s been really interesting is having to hide my evil side and play two totally different personalities. It’s very challenging and there’s always pressure to balance between the two parts.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to audience reaction since it’s so different for me. It’s great to be able to see yourself grow onscreen. I’m hopeful it will lead to more challenging roles in the future. It’s really important to me to not limit myself to one certain type of acting, but embrace all kinds of characters.”

Chen is thankful the producers saw his potential and embraced him as an action actor.

“They taught me many skills on how to fight and look sharp on the screen doing them, and I did all the stunts myself!” he enthused.

As part of training for the role, “Devil Punisher” taught Chen how to protect himself and not injure his co-stars, while still looking realistic.

“The whole process was a great learning experience that I really enjoyed. I’m looking forward to having more roles in action films once people see me in this role.”

Once people are vaccinated and the pandemic poses less of a threat, Chen hopes to be back in Los Angeles, to audition for more roles. He first came to the U.S. with his family as a child and returned, years later, to get his college degree at University of California-Riverside Extension, enrolling into their joint program in Los Angeles Film School.

“I absolutely loved studying film and working in Hollywood. While I was living here, I participated in several local nonprofit associations, helping them to produce and host gala events and variety shows. My hope is to return soon to the area and start auditioning!” he said.

He continued: “I like the United States and have many friends and my acting professors there. I want to come back and travel to many US cities that I’ve not had the chance to visit.”