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Apply Your Human Hair Wig Like a Stylist

Many individuals regularly have inquiries on the best way to put on a wig or how to make it look stylist. Although some figure just a beautician can apply wigs appropriately, it is additionally conceivable to apply your wig yourself and accomplish an incredible normal look. 

In this article, Ishowbeauty will guide you on the best way to apply on your lace front human hair wig and make a stylist look step by step without visiting a salon. 

You need the following products and tools: 

  • Human hair wig
  • Fine toothed brush 
  • Scissors or pinking shears 
  • Scalp protector
  • Flatirons or curling wands
  • Liquid glue, wig tape, or glue 
  • Adhesive application brush 
  • Hair clips and bobby pins 
  • Blow dryer 
  • Wig cap 

Now, Ishowbeauty explains step by step the technique to apply your wig. 

Stage 1-Prepare your wig 

Your wig should be decidedly ready before you put it in. The readiness of your wig includes various cycles in the event that the wig is new or old. 

Wash and condition your wig 

You ought to sometimes wash and condition your old wigs or take them to a beautician for legitimate consideration and styling. On the off chance that your wig is in acceptable condition or new, you don’t have to wash or condition it until you have utilized it a couple of times. 

Test fit your wig 

Put on your wig to guarantee it fits appropriately then brush it out. New wigs particularly should be brushed before you put them on to remove any shape that has been forced on the wig by the hairpiece box. Brushing your wig will likewise help the hair become alright and remove tangles. 

On the off chance that you are setting up a long wig, pack it into a braid. 

For short wigs, use bobby pins to hold the hair on the edges of the wig in reverse. 

The reason for pressing your wig is to guarantee that the edges don’t get trapped in the glue or adhesive when you put it on. 

Trim the additional lace on the edges 

On the off chance that you are wearing a front or full lace wig that hasn’t effectively been managed by the maker, you should manage the trim. Wear the wig and change it as you need, at that point utilize a couple of fastens to pull the hair away from your face. 

Take sharp pinking shears or scissors and trim the additional lace cautiously along your hairline. When managing, leave a little space past the wig hairline around one-eight-inch of trim. 

Stage 2 – Prepare your hair 

Prior to applying your wig, you ought to set up your hair by leveling it. Straightening your hair forestalls the presence of knocks in your wig, making it look unnatural. The length of your hair will influence the manner in which you set it up for wig application. 

Setting up your long hair for wig application 

Pack hair into a braid and wrap it into a level bun. At that point use bobby pins to hold the bun down. 

Preparing medium or short hair for wig application

There are two different ways to straighten your short or medium hair for wig distribution. The first is to twist hair into cornrows. Straight and in reverse cornrows are generally reasonable. Another choice is to form the hair level into your head utilizing gel or hairspray. 

Put on the hairpiece cap 

There are various sorts of wig covers. Notwithstanding, a delicate hairpiece cap is best for use. 

At the points when you have a human hair wig. The basic role of setting your wig limit is to help hold down and set up the wig appropriately. 

A hairpiece cap likewise levels your hair better and keeps everything tucked under the wig. 

When putting on a hairpiece cap, ensure that your fingers don’t disperse your all-around leveled hair. At that point, leave some piece of your hairline (around one inch) uncovered.

Stage 3-Protect your skin 

Clean your hairline with cleanser and water, chemical, or cotton fleece touched with liquor. This will help remove the overabundance of oil on the hair that may decrease the adequacy of the glue and cause your wig to slide off your head. 

At the point when the liquor is dry, apply a scalp security serum or splash and permit it to dry totally. It is critical to clean and ensure your scalp, particularly the skin on your hairline, prior to putting on the wig. The scalp defender secures your skin against the cruel impact of the glue or wig tape. 

Stage 4 – Apply glue or wig tape to your hairline 

For hair wigs, you can either utilize liquid glue a wig tape, or glue. You ought to do a skin test prior to applying any glue to your scalp. 

Applying a Wig tape 

Trim your wig tape into eight or ten pieces, enough to cover your hairline without spaces in the middle totally. 

Press the tacky side of each tape against the skin of your hairline equally. 

At that point remove the thick froth of the tape, leaving the other sticky piece of the tape uncovered. 

In the event that your wig tapes have an excessive amount of room between them, you will have free space between your hairline and your wig will look unnatural. 

Utilizing a liquid glue or adhesive: 

You need a brush to apply the liquid glue on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize the wig tape. 

Utilize the brush to apply the glue onto the spaces of your hairline where the wig will be joined. 

At that point, blow-dry for a couple of moments until the glue gets crude, and afterward, apply your wig. 

You don’t have to blow dry on the off chance that you utilize hair bond glue, apply your wig right away. 

Stage 5 – Put your wig on and secure it 

Presently, this is the trickiest piece of applying the wig. 

Hold your wig along the edges, moving your hand back towards the middle. Painstakingly put the wig on from the rear of your head. 

With the wig is perched on the rear of your head, pull delicately forward from the side while keeping the edges from adhering to the glue. 

At that point watch that the rear of the wig covers your hair totally. Change again until you have coordinated with the edges of the wig with your hairline, and it’s all around focused. 

At that point, press the lace of the wig around the edge over the glue or wig tape utilizing a fine-tooth brush. Guarantee that there is no glue buildup wig tape apparent. 

Stage 6 – Make the hairline and hair part regular 

Customary brushes are best for brushing stylist hair wigs. Utilize a level iron to smooth down the top and the edges of your wig for a characteristic look. 

Another approach to make your hairline look stylist is to guarantee that the edges fit effectively if your wig isn’t set accurately, it will part with it without any problem. 

You can likewise allow a beautician to manage the additional trim toward the front of your wig. Sporadic edges would be more self-evident, giving you an unnatural look. 

Stage 7 – Style your hair and accessorize

The least difficult stunts to making your lace closure wigs look stylist are styling and accessorizing. 

Style the hair up a similar way you would style your stylist hair and use accessories as you generally would. This will make you look regular, and furthermore make you agreeable.