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Applying for L&I Pension in Washington? Check These Facts First!

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Do you want to know what cash balance plans are and how they work? This guide will help you understand the basics of this type of pension plan. Keep on reading to know why you should be investing in your future!

People usually associate the term ‘pension’ with retirement benefits, but L&I pension in Washington is not the same. If you get injured on the job, or suffer from an occupational disease, which prevents you from getting to work or find gainful employment, you may be entitled for L&I pensions Washington.  Here are some facts to know before you apply. 

The basics

The benefits of workers’ compensation pension are paid directly by Labor & Industries of Washington State, regardless of whether their employer has a pension plan or not. L&I pension is meant for those who cannot return to work. This could be related to occupational disease or industrial injury, or sometimes because of age, work history and education. Note that you can only get L&I pensions, if you are never likely to return to work or find gainful employment. The benefits you can get from L&I pension also vary on other factors, including your monthly wages, Social Security benefits, and if you have opted to provide the benefits to your child or spouse. Note that Washington State L&I pension benefits are not taxable. 

You may need an attorney

Most people believe that qualifying for L&I Pension is easy, which unfortunately isn’t the case. In fact, a considerable number of applications are rejected. To get the benefits of L&I Pension in Washington State, you have to prove that you cannot find gainful employment, for which factors like age and work experience will be considered. Your documentation, including medical paperwork, has to be compelling enough. For these reasons and more, you may want to work with a firm that specializes in filing for L&I Pensions. Their attorneys can ensure that your paperwork and supporting documents are strong enough for your claim, and you get the due benefits that you deserve. Your L&I Pension lawyer is also likely to investigate the case, to ensure there are no loopholes. 

Finding a lawyer

If you want to know all the details of workers’ compensation representation and get your due benefits under L&I Pension, check for a lawyer you can trust. Ensure you talk to your lawyer about their experience and how they have settled L&I Pension cases for other clients. As a new client, you can ask for references too, or check for independent reviews online on Google. Review all your options and check the work process before you hire a lawyer for your L&I Pension.