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Apps That Make A Realtor’s Life Easy

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It’s tough for real estate agents to do their work, and they need all the help they can get. There are ways real estate agents can make it easier for themselves. Web and mobile applications can make it much easier for real estate agents to continue working. With the help of the right tools, real estate agents can integrate and optimize how they work. If you are a realtor looking for applications that can help make your life easier, here are some of the best options.

Google AdWords


Google AdWords is an excellent platform for real estate agencies, as it provides them with a long-term strategy. It is one of the most straightforward tools; all you need to do is create the advertisement’s text and image. Google AdWords allows you to run a PPC campaign where you must pay each time a user clicks on your Ad. This is a better option for real estate agents as it is much faster than an SEO strategy.

Google AdWords allows you to use different property-specific keywords that can help you appear organically on the top of search engines.


BombBomb is essential for real estate agents to have good communication with their prospective customers. BombBomb can help these real estate agents connect with their customers using video messages. Using the application, real estate agents can avoid text messages and go for personalized videos that can help agents get more replies and better opportunities.

This application is not just limited to real estate agents or explicitly designed for them. Still, realtors can use it to connect with prospective buyers and show them any new listing.


Real estate agents talk to several people daily, and letting go of some contacts can be easy. However, it is essential to keep up with all your contacts. One way to do that is to use a CRM. Contractually is a CRM that can help you store all your contacts in one place and refer to them whenever you want.

The app allows you to centralize all your contacts and save the relevant information about them. This helps real estate agents work with target automation and build their client base. There are several features of Contactually, such as interaction tracking and property matching, which make it a great application for real estate agents.

Zillow Premier Agent

All Real estate agents must have the Zillow Premier agent application if they use Zillow for listings. The app comes with a CRM that you can use to get leads from different platforms, such as, BoomTown, and Gmail.

The application also allows you to sign up for My Agent, which helps you see all the lead properties where you are the buyer’s agent. This also helps you take a look at all the things your leads are looking for in a listing. You can use it for test messages, emails, and even to sort out leads.


Real estate agents often get stuck with a lot of paperwork, and it can be quite taxing. Using the right application can help save agents a lot of time on paperwork. Dotloop lets you sign the paperwork and send it to all the concerned people. This helps keep all the involved people on the same page. You can easily use it on your phone and complete the documentation while you are on the go. The application allows you to create forms, so it is easy to draft documents digitally.

Real Property Resource

The RPR mobile application helps realtors get the data they need for property showings. Using the application, they can do ample comparative market analysis and keep the clients on the same page. Using the polygon research, you can find listings in any neighborhood or zip code. You can also share photos of the property with your clients.


Real estate agents need to keep up with their social media presence to connect with different leads and open themselves to the right opportunities. This platform keeps up with your online presence without you having to be constantly vigilant. You can use this single platform to manage multiple social media accounts, share posts and even engage with your followers.

This way, realtors will not have to spend a lot of time keeping up with their social media presence and can focus on other things that will help them increase their revenue. It is considered a marketing tool as it helps you stay up with your marketing strategies on social media.

These applications can be very helpful for all the realtors who want to make things easier and more efficient. With them they can make much better sales as they intend to.