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Appy Pie Connect Offers PayPal Integrations For Automating Business Processes

PayPal Holdings Inc. is one of the best companies supporting online money transfer worldwide. It is a faster and safer way to send money online. Anyone having a user’s account on PayPal can easily make an online payment and receive money online. PayPal is the global leader in facilitating online money transactions that aim to democratize financial services. With over 325 million active accounts, PayPal has become a trusted financial service provider across the world.

There are many reasons why businesses and people choose PayPal. Here are a few major reasons.

• Highly convenient to send and receive online payments.
• Extremely safe and secured as all the transactions are encrypted and closely monitored to prevent identity fraud.
• Saves from the hassle of converting currency as it works across 203 global markets
• A faster and simple way to make recurring payments like monthly bills and subscriptions
• Both credit cards and bank accounts can be used to make payments from PayPal
• Aids in keeping track of transactions as every time a payment is made with PayPal, a receipt will be sent to the user
• A merchant account can be created on PayPal to facilitate business transactions.
• Splitting bills and pooling money with friends is easy with PayPal. You just need either a mobile number or an email address.
• Effective PayPal integrations with business apps like Slack, Trello, HubSpot CRM, etc. help in workflow automation.

Let us move further to check how PayPal integrations work.

What are PayPal Integrations?

PayPal integration is the process to integrate PayPal with different business applications for automating business processes. PayPal is the best-known software for facilitating online transactions. So, when integrates with other applications, it helps in making the payment system efficient and digital.

You easily integrate PayPal with any relevant business application in just a few clicks. PayPal integrations let you facilitate the financial system and make things happen easily and effortlessly. Let us discover the importance of PayPal integration with other apps.

Why is PayPal Integration Necessary For Businesses?

PayPal integrations are important for business automation due to various reasons. Here are a few major reasons.

• Improve customer retention rates by offering customers more ways to pay.
• Make the follow-up process for businesses easy and efficient.
• The book-keeping process becomes convenient and up to date.
• Help in keeping a detailed record of account activity, issues, refunds, and more.
• Lead generation process gets better and organized
• Help in keeping an eye on the cash flow of your business account
• Makes the payment process smooth for customers
• Accepting payments from across the world makes easier
• Enhances the reliability and credibility of any business

How PayPal Integration Works with Appy Pie Connect?

Appy Pie Connect is one of the best free business automation software available online. It can connect any two business applications available in its App Directory for automating workflows. Appy Pie Connect offers integrations for over 150+ apps. PayPal is one of the applications which can easily integrate with other apps to automate business processes.

Appy Pie Connect allows you to integrate PayPal with applications like Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, MailChimp, ZOHO CRM, Dropbox, and many more. You do not require any coding skills to use this platform for integrating apps.

Let us how PayPal integrations with multiple apps can be facilitated by Appy Pie Connect. Here are a few major integrations.

1. PayPal with Google Sheets: Google Sheets is used in arranging and managing data in a tabular format in a spreadsheet. Most businesses deploy Google Sheets to manage a customer database. When PayPal integrates with Google Sheets, every time a sale is made successfully through your PayPal account, the details for the same will automatically get updated in Google spreadsheet for future reference.

2. PayPal with Slack: Slack is one of the most popular tools used for managing internal communication. By integrating PayPal with Slack, whenever a new purchase is made through a PayPal account, a new message gets automatically sent to designated channels on Slack.

3. PayPal with Salesforce: Salesforce integration with PayPal helps your team overcome the hassle of copy-pasting customer’s information manually. Every time a new purchase is made through PayPal, a new contact gets created in your Salesforce account corresponding to the sale.

4. PayPal with Trello: PayPal and Trello together leave no room for client’s complaints by prioritizing their requirements effectively. When you integrate PayPal with Trello, whenever a new purchase is made on PayPal, a new card gets created on Trello, helping you deliver top-class customer service.

5. PayPal with Dropbox: Dropbox lets anyone upload and transfer files to cloud storage. When Dropbox integrates with PayPal, it helps businesses to easily keep a record of transactions occurring on your PayPal account. After the integration, every time a new purchase is made on PayPal, text files with the transaction details get automatically saved to Dropbox.

6. PayPal with MailChimp: MailChimp is an all-in-one integrated email marketing platform to boost your business. When PayPal-MailChimp integrate, the mailing list of MailChimp automatically gets updated every time a new purchase is made through PayPal account. It helps in making the online marketing process, including other than Mailchimp, much simpler and efficient.

7. PayPal with QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks is a kind of software that makes accounting easy for businesses. When QuickBooks Online integrates with PayPal, whenever a sale occurs via PayPal, sales receipt automatically gets updated in QuickBooks, saving manual efforts, and reducing chances of error.

Thus, PayPal integrates with various applications to manage payment system and make associated processes efficient. Undoubtedly, there is a huge scope for many other integrations with PayPal like Airtable integrations, HubSpot integrations, and many more.


PayPal integrations can automate regular repetitive workflows and improve the productivity of different teams. Both small and large-scale businesses can utilize PayPal integrations to improve customer retention rates, offer online payment channels, keep the record of transactions, and manage customer relationships.

Appy Pie Connect is better than its alternatives as it can successfully help in workflow automation by integrating over 150+ apps. Not only PayPal integrations, but you can try connecting various other useful business applications with Appy Pie Connect. It is worth giving a shot to manage your workflows and increase the productivity of your teams, ultimately scaling the growth of your businesses.