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Appy Pie Expanding Its Roots in Customer Service Industry with Its Live Chat Software

Appy Pie, a platform setting benchmarks in the no code tech world, is all set to help small businesses improve their customer service by allowing them to integrate live chat software into their apps and websites without any coding. With the help of this live chat software, businesses can respond to customer queries in real time, thus enhancing their experience manifold.

With the launch of this live chat software, Appy Pie is planning to expand its roots in the customer service industry and aiming to take it to new heights. The soon to be launched live chat software from Appy Pie can prove to be a trump card for small businesses of any niche. It can not only help them add an extra edge to the user experience but can also benefit customers in getting instant response to their queries.

Cost-effective, yet powerful, Appy Pie’s live chat software is quite easy to integrate. You don’t need to have any technical expertise or hire any technical expert to integrate it in your app or website. Simply signup and subscribe with Appy Pie to get your own dashboard, add the software key to your app or website source code and start solving your customers queries in real-time, without any interruptions.

“Our aim is to help small and medium sized businesses leverage the potential of the latest and greatest technologies, and the live chat software is yet another strong addition to our products portfolio,”
says Scot Small, CEO Appy Pie. “By integrating live chat software to their apps and websites, businesses can deliver an unrivalled experience to their customers, and improve their service to gain their loyalty.”

Developed using cutting-edge technological tools, Appy Pie’s live chat software can improve the productivity of the sales department by saving the time involved in following up with the clients over the emails or on call. The multitude of other benefits that this highly advanced live chat software provides are – increase in sales and conversions, reduction in costs, proactive outreach, improvement in customer satisfaction and much more.

A pioneer in no-code mobile app building, Appy Pie has helped millions of small business owners bring their business to mobile in just a few minutes. Their product portfolio also includes a DIY website maker which can help the users build great websites and create a dynamic presence online. In addition, the company also helps startups streamline operational costs with its workflow automation services through which emerging firms can bring in speed, agility, and precision at work.