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Are Lention USB-C Hub good quality?

Commonly, our computers do not have enough USB-C (or USB-A) ports to connect everything we want to use with them. So, we have no choice but to pull what is called dock or hub. Peripherals that have several connections to have everything plugged in at the same time. And, in the era of enterprise mobility, the BYOD (bring your own device) movement is more common than ever before.

We usually connect mice, keyboards, hard drives, USB storage keys, and any other gadget that needs power or data communication with the PC to them. The problem is that the operating system, Windows 10 in this case, could not manage them very well and stopped working.

Today, there are several brands in the market but Lention is one of the best and most reliable brands you can go for.

Is Lenition USB-C Hub good quality?

Of course, today Lention is one of the trustworthy brands for USB hubs, leather MacBook sleeves, and many other peripherals and accessories.

USB C to SD card adapter from Lenition is an easy way to connect a wider range of peripherals to your USB-C laptop. This 4-port USB 3.0 hub allows you to connect both USB-C and USB-A peripherals to your laptop or desktop through a single USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 port.

The Lention hub is ideal for almost all USB-C-equipped laptops, such as your MacBook, Chromebook, Dell, etc.

Expand your USB connection options:

This USB 3.0 hub lets you expand your USB connection options through the USB-C port on your computer. (USB 3.0 is also known as USB 3.1 Gen 1.) It offers one USB-C port and three USB-A ports, allowing you to connect your conventional USB devices while also connecting future USB Type-C devices.

The easy-to-use integrated USB Type-C connector is small in size and reversible for easy insertion. You can connect the plug with either side facing up, which means there is less risk of damaging the ports (by inserting the plug incorrectly) and less frustration.

Charge and sync your mobile devices:

With three fast-charging ports, this hub can help ensure your tablets or smartphones are charged and ready for use when you need them. Each USB-A port is compliant with the USB specification for battery charging version 1.2, which means you can charge and sync up to three devices simultaneously. Charging provided depends on the number of connected devices and the amount of electrical current each device consumes. The USB-C port on the hub does not support device charging.

Designed for versatility:

The self-powered Micro SD card USB 3.0 adapter includes an external power adapter for charging demanding USB devices, such as larger external hard drives and enclosures, which require more power than USB power can supply. Plus, this versatile USB 3.0 hub takes up minimal desk/table space, making it ideal for shared office or BYOD (bring your device) environments.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it the ideal accessory for ‘mobile’ users who travel or move often. Just slip it, along with the power adapter, into your laptop’s carry bag for added connectivity.

Save time and money:

Avoid the expense of purchasing new peripherals with this USB 3.0 hub, which you can use with your existing USB 3.0 and 2.0 devices. This self-powered hub installs quickly and requires no driver software or programs, as it is compatible with almost all operating systems.

Why you should trust Lention USB C hubs?

And so it happens: Windows 10 there are times when it stops recognizing these multi-connection hubs and they stop working, so we are forced to restart to get everything back to normal. That is if we do not initially believe that it is the hard drive that is failing and we go crazy looking for a solution that we will not be able to find.

Microsoft has acknowledged that this error exists and has not only communicated that it is in the process of fixing it, but has also published an extensive explanation of why it occurs so that you can take it into account if it happens to you. Especially with the aim of not meeting those conditions that occur just before the USB-C hub fails.

Why does it happen and what solution?

The problem occurs in most cases when the user, after connecting the dock to the computer, enters soft shutdown mode, so Windows is not able to finish the process of identifying all the devices. In this way, when turning on the PC again, the system has not been able to recognize everything that we have connected to the hub and, therefore, they cannot be used.

This error, recognized by Microsoft, occurs when we have the hub with all the peripherals connected and we leave the PC in sleep or hibernation mode, that is, ready to use it again quickly as soon as we press a key or a mouse button.

In addition, you should not trust other cheap qualities available in the market. We recommend using Lention and you won’t have to face such problems again.