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Are No Deposit Online Casinos Worth it for Their Bonuses?

If you are looking at joining an online casino site it pays to get the best deal possible, right? So, while plenty of casinos try to tempt you to sign up with schemes where they offer to match the first, and sometimes second or third, cash amount you deposit, there are others that offer new players a join-up reward with no strings attached.

Naturally, those offering something for free without expecting a deposit are going to seem like the best bet. But is this really the case? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Typical No Deposit Bonuses

These days the most common no deposit bonuses come in the form of free spins (or ‘extra spins’ as they are now known for UK sites due to gambling commission regulations). Keep in mind the number on offer can vary quite dramatically.

These spins may be yours to use on any slot the site has available, or restricted to one of the most popular (and lucrative) slots – which makes sense as the whole point of freebies to tempt a player to stick around and wager their own cash.

Although they are seen less often in recent times, there are still some sites that offer a no-deposit cash bonus. These may be for as little as $5, or be much higher; there is no average figure available. Again, ‘free’ cash may seem like an even better bet than free spins but it pays to do your homework before going for it.

Are the Free Bonuses Worth It?

Possibly, depending largely on the wagering requirements they have. Most sites have rules on how many times a no deposit cash bonus or any winnings made on the no deposit free spins bonus must be cycled through their system. This can range from two to fifty, with the verge being around 35 times.

This rule exists to reduce the player’s chances of still having any cash left to withdraw by the wagering requirement has been met. Therefore, it pays to look for sites that have the lowest wagering figure.
There are also a handful of online casino sites which place zero wagering requirements on winnings, so players can withdraw profit immediately – so long as the minimum withdrawal figure is reasonable, of course.

One famous site with no wagering rules offers a bonus of just ONE spin on a wheel, which seems pretty mean, and could easily be overlooked, but most players who spin it win a dozen more free spins and have a good chance of winning cash.

The Verdict

No deposit bonuses vary in quality, and deciding if they are worth it depends mainly on your motivation for playing and the red tape they are wrapped in. Free spin bonuses usable across an entire site can be used on the high volatile slots so any winnings are healthy, and don’t have high wagering targets to be beaten.

Ultimately, if your goal is to maximize cash profit then a matched deposit casino may be better for you than a no deposit casino.