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Are Parents Using Spy Apps? – 3 Examples

When it comes to teenagers, parents do everything that they can to keep them safe. The problem is that teenagers believe that they know everything – and so they don’t tell their parents everything anymore. Parents aren’t aware of what teenagers are getting up to, so some of them turn to spy phone apps. Is this the right thing to do? It would be, if the teenagers were in on it and understood the reasons behind them, yes. If it’s a case of parents using spy phone apps and not telling their teenagers about them, then yes, it could be an issue!

Parents tend to be a large user base for spy phone apps. Since 2018, spy phone apps have become more and more popular with the spy devices like watches, etc, declining in their popularity. Smartphone apps are changing by the day and they are constantly downloaded onto smartphones and tablets. Thus, the birth of spy phone apps followed quickly to allow parents to monitor their children and ensure their safety as long as possible. Given that almost every modern kid has a smartphone or a tablet, parents are able to track their locations and their social media use, too.

Communication Is Key

It’s so important for parents to communicate with their children when it comes to using spy phone apps. It’s not that you want to infringe on their privacy, but you do want to ensure that they are safe and comfortable on social media. You want to ensure that your children are not being bullied or put in harm’s way and you want to know that they aren’t being victimized by technology. Spy phone apps make sense for a parents’ peace of mind, and in a world where we need to keep track of our kids so we can be aware of their location, spy phone apps help.

The biggest factor is to discuss these spy phone apps with your children before you install them on their devices. You can talk about the need for checking in on their location, and that you won’t have to call them every half an hour when you can see their location with the click of a button. Your children can also appreciate that you are going to be able to care for them even when you’re not around. Every single parent wants to make sure that their child is safe and if you know what’s going on in your child’s phone, you can keep a watch on them from a distance. It’s so much harder to know what’s going on when you don’t have the help of technology, and we’ve got three examples of spy phone apps that parents are using to monitor their children.

Family Orbit

It’s one of the most trusted apps out there and the all round choice for any parent. There is special intelligence monitoring alongside a GPS tracker that allows you to have complete control of their smartphone. It’s the number one parents monitoring app and it’s got an excellent array of functions and features, but with Family Orbit, only Snapchat notifications can be monitored. You can have up to ten members of the family attached to one app and there’s even a 7-day free trial.


This is a simpler version of Family Orbit but it’s growing in its popularity. You can try it out first before you buy, which is a nice option for a spy phone app. It’s easy to use but it’s very simplistic, and so it doesn’t have the same level of function and features as other apps. It’s affordable and secure, working well on most phones. It’s on the cheaper end of most apps and it’s not always the spy phone app of choice.


This is known as a spy phone app that sells itself. It’s got all of the features that you could expect and hope for, and it’s got a Geo-Fence, too, which means that there is a virtual geographic boundary which alerts when the boundary has been broken. This adds a layer of extra security. It’s excellent value for money but there isn’t a phone number for customer service in the app so if you run into trouble, you may have to go through email based help desk!

Spy phone apps are rising in popularity, and you should do what you can to protect your children. This is one of the best ways that you can do it.