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Are Slots Played More or Less in 2021?

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When you think of gambling, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That’s right, slingo slots – but with technology improving faster every day, many people may believe that the popularity of slots is reducing, making space for the next big thing. I am here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth. It is certainly understandable to expect change – it is the one constant of life after all – but this change will be for the better. Get ready for a year of slot machine innovation, including:

  •         Innovation of your favorite slot machines
  •         Further improvement of special offers
  •         Better slot machines than ever before 

Make Way for the Future of Slots

2021 is showing promise to be a highly interesting time for our favorite spinning machines. Video games have never been so popular, and with gambling and loot-boxes becoming a common video game mechanic, it is more important than ever that slots are engaging, entertaining and novel. This is resulting in not only the most entertaining slot machine experiences yet, but the much-desired skill-based gambling experience. You’re going to need more than luck to hit this jackpot!  

However, it’s undeniable that technology is rapidly improving and making machines of the past redundant. Some people may suggest that the introduction of virtual-reality and mobile-gambling will push slots to the side – but that is looking at it from the wrong perspective. A staple such as slot machines are timeless, and these new platforms will instead provide fertile ground for the development of the new generation of slots, no doubt bringing in more new slots fans than ever before.

Improvement of special offers

2020 was a huge year for special offers, with players being spoiled for choice on these types of deals! This has really set the standard for 2021, and has had several effects on online casinos, including:

  •         Bigger No Deposit Bonuses
  •         More Free Spins
  •         Wider audience

This has resulted in competition, with online casinos improving their offers keen to get ahead of the game. This really is a win-win situation for fans of the slots, with companies having to consistently increase their special-offers and jackpots to keep up with each other and stay ahead of the game. As a slot player, I have never seen such a boom in jackpots and offers – it is safe to say that we have never seen numbers quite this high! For this reason, we cannot see 2021 being anything other than huge for slots fans.

So does this mean popularity in slots is rising?

It would certainly seem so – and with a new generation of slots just around the corner, it should not be much of a surprise. Technology moves rapidly, and it is true that many entertainment mediums get replaced by the next big thing – but slot machines are no flash in the pan. They have been a staple of casinos for many years, and their development and innovation show no signs of slowing down. It truly seems to us that 2021 could be the busiest year yet for slots users.