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Are We Beginning to See a Change in How Football is Watched?

Many sports around the world offer a live streaming service direct from the league, which enables fans to watch the vast majority of games.

Football is a sport that has, in the whole, decided against doing that up to now. However, a move by the Premier League to sell right to Amazon may have been the first move in changing that.

It seems we could be on the verge of football joining other sports, whether this is worldwide or restricted remains to be seen.

Where ever any progress is seen, it is good news for the whole of the world. Currently, football rights are bought for huge sums of money and shown on premium subscription channels.

Game choice is down to the provider, but that could all be about to change.

Amazon Involvement in Football Rights is Just the Beginning

In December 2019, streaming service Amazon Prime had two rounds of Premier League football fixtures available live.

The full rounds were shown, so fans could choose the game they wanted to watch. We also saw kick off times moved to accommodate those wanting to watch multiple games.

This type of game choice is common for many other sports, including those in America such as the NFL, NBA and NHL. However, it is something completely new for the Premier League, their fans are accustomed to watching whatever game the TV company decides to broadcast.

Whether it is more from Amazon and possibly other streaming companies or a full switch to the Premier League showing games themselves remains to be seen.

However, we can take it as a positive that the league are open to using streaming services and open to allowing all games from a specific week to be shown, giving every fan the chance to watch their team.

Gamblers and Fans of Smaller Teams the Big Winners

If you support one of the bigger clubs in the Premier League you will be used to watching them on TV on a regular basis.

Manchester City are a prime example, a team who could go into next season as underdogs which will be a strange scenario for them. They are used to being on TV and fans can follow them from their sofa if they wish.

However, if you are a fan of a smaller team, or a gambler who wants access to specific games, you are going to benefit from any further streaming that is put in place.

The Premier League is one of the biggest betting leagues in the world, with many punters placing a wager each week. There are a range of sign up bonuses and welcome offers available to use on this league, which makes it even more popular.

With Amazon, potentially more, and the chance of the Premier League directly streaming games themselves, gamblers will eagerly be watching for further updates about streaming.

Will More Streaming Enhance the Premier League’s Reputation?

The top flight of English football is already one of the most popular leagues in the world, but could it grow even further?

By being more accessible it could certainly do that. There are many fans who are currently priced out of watching football on a regular basis, both by ticket prices and TV subscription costs.

These fans will have a better chance to watch with streaming subscriptions, especially if there is a pay-per-game service on offer.

This is something else that gamblers would like too. If we get to a position where people pay for the games they want to watch and those only, anyone with a bet on a game can watch that specific game and not pay for anything else.