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Aruba Adventures: Goodbye Winter and Hello Sun! 5 Top Reasons to Visit Aruba

If you’re a US citizen, chances are you’re dreaming of escaping the winter by taking a trip to Aruba. This southwestern Caribbean Island boasts over 695 thousand tourist arrivals from North America over the festive season.

If you’re lucky enough to head that way anytime soon, why not consider flying using one of the private jet cards programs available; connect with a global fleet of over 23,000 aircraft and travel with a little added luxury! Once there, be sure to try some of these top six Aruba adventures during your stay.

1. Make the Most of the Ocean

Are you stressed and fed up with modern-day living? Maybe you need a western Caribbean cruise to put your mind and body back on track.

A Caribbean cruise transports you to the heart of all the very best Aruba attractions. It also forms the ultimate start to an Aruba destination wedding, or could even be the main event.

Aruba abounds with the classic white-sand palm beaches made famous by postcards and Instagram posts. Palm Beach can get busy, but there are other options like Eagle and Baby Beach where you can catch some rays in relative peace and quiet.

The weather in Aruba is bound to play along with warm, sunny days for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and boating.

2. Aruba Adventures in Arikok National Park

‘Kaweta’ – it’s a word that means ‘curious’ in Papiamento and is the perfect way to describe how you can make the most of your say.
Aruba has a wealth of curiosities worthy of your attention and Arikok is one of the best.

Here you’ll find paths leading to caves and boulders for exploring on foot, on horseback, or ATV. Take a dip in “Conchi,” one of Aruba’s loveliest sights, carved into volcanic rock by the ocean.

3. Treat Yourself

When you book an Aruba all-inclusive adults-only stay, you’ll get to enjoy a host of plush amenities without any disturbances.
The best resorts offer rim-flow pools, fine island dining, exciting day trips, and luxury wellness treatments for guests. It’s the perfect choice for an Aruba honeymoon or romantic getaway.

4. Go Golfing

The golf courses in Aruba are a scenic delight.

Aruba Golf Course presents a unique 9-hole challenge on Aruba’s southern coast. Here you’ll have oiled greens and wandering goats to contend with during your game.

Divi Links is another 9-hole course near Oranjestad, bordering a luxury housing development.

Tierra del Sol is your go-to for 18-hole golf in Aruba. The course meanders among the natural rugged surroundings on the island’s northwest tip.

5. Enjoy ‘One Happy Island’
Aruba prides itself on its warm hospitality and you’ll have no difficulty making new friends during your stay. Meeting the locals is one of the best ways to experience the true joys of the island lifestyle.

You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants where you’ll fit right in with the happy hour crowd and find out about some more exciting things to do on the island.

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