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Asim Richards: Could He Be the Next Hidden Gem for the Dallas Cowboys?

It’s possible that Asim Richards, an offensive lineman drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL draft, could prove to be an excellent value for the team. Although he was chosen in a later round, Richards possesses qualities that suggest he could become a reliable left guard over the long term. 

This position has been a concern for the Cowboys ever since they lost Connor McGovern to free agency. Richards has several traits that make him a promising player, including endurance, athleticism, intelligence, and run-blocking ability.

The Cowboys have a solid tackle group comprising Terence Steele, Tyler Smith, and Tyron Smith, who offer excellent edge blocking. Nonetheless, the left guard spot raises apprehension, as the team has to choose among Matt Farniok, Chuma Edoga, or Josh Ball. One possibility for a lasting fix could be shifting Richards to left guard.

An Intriguing Development Player

Richards, a left tackle from a prominent school, has been a dependable presence on the Tar Heels’ offensive line, culminating in a streak of 34 consecutive starts in college. Despite his college performances not being exceptional, his attributes make him a compelling prospect for future development in the offensive line position. In fact, he took more than 1,000 snaps last year alone.

Richards is a promising young player on the rise, but he still requires further development to establish himself as a competent NFL starter. Nonetheless, his exceptional run-blocking abilities and intelligence could facilitate him getting on the field quickly if he shifts to an interior position. He demonstrates impressive strength, beginning with an exceptional knee bend and a powerful lower body. He can efficiently engage with defenders, turn his hips, and generate clear paths for his running backs.

Richards’ intelligence is another notable attribute. He exhibits excellent initial quickness, reaching his designated position promptly and attacking the defender’s inside shoulder, hindering them from having a clear path to the ball carrier. His rapid movements enable him to act as an efficient sealer, as evident from his impressive run-blocking performances. Additionally, his lengthy and robust hands make it challenging for defenders to escape his grasp, while he excels in climbing blocks and concluding his assignments.

A Traitsy Development Player

The Dallas Cowboys upcoming odds look promising, given that they have a talented young prospect in Asim Richards who has just entered the NFL at 21 years old. Although his present abilities may position him as an unremarkable Day 3 prospect, he enters the NFL with substantial experience and possesses all the necessary attributes to progress into a standout player.

The previous year, the Cowboys opted to fill other gaps instead of selecting several cornerbacks and chose DaRon Bland, a prospect with immense potential for development. Bland made significant strides in his growth and concluded the season with five interceptions, only one short of leading the NFL last year. Consequently, he has already earned a place among the Cowboys’ favored players, with the team confident in his abilities to serve as a defensive starter.

By leveraging another potential traits-based player and investing in their development, the Cowboys could replicate their success in nurturing strong and agile tackles and establish Richards as a lasting answer at left guard. Richards’ physical resilience and extended arms render him an appealing choice for the role, while his outstanding aptitude in run-blocking and intelligence aligns perfectly with the Cowboys’ playing style.

The Cowboys have demonstrated a propensity for nurturing unpolished talent, with their recent achievements mainly credited to the efficiency of their scouting department. They discovered Terence Steele, a raw yet athletic tackle, and through development, he emerged as one of the league’s premier run-blocking right tackles. Furthermore, they invested their primary draft asset in Tyler Smith last year, and he is already showcasing his potential as one of the league’s forthcoming top tackles. With a proven history of developing talent, Richards could be the next prospect for the Cowboys to refine.


Asim Richards has the potential to become a valuable asset for the Dallas Cowboys, providing stability at the left guard position. With his impressive traits, including durability, athleticism, intelligence, and excellent run-blocking abilities, the Cowboys could leverage their history of developing young talent to transform Richards into a long-term starter.