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ATR Indicator— The Most Powerful Trading Instrument

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Thanks to this indicator, traders can not only better and easier to determine the real risk and profit of the position, SL and TP levels, but also choose the best time to enter the market.

While ATR helps assess volatility, it is often used as part of more complex indicators. It is also often included in various trading algorithms of expert advisors. ATR has proven itself as a good trend filter and stop loss indicator.

The indicator is displayed in a separate window under the price table, it consists of only one line, and shows only positive values (0 and above). ATR does not indicate the direction of the trend: it will grow evenly, if the volatility increases both in an uptrend and in a downtrend. The higher the market volatility, the higher the indicator values.

What does atr mean and ways of using

The fact that this indicator has only one value to set, i.e. a specified time period, definitely works in its favor. For example, the MACD has as many as 3 individually adjustable values, which means that skillful manipulation of them can fit the indicator to the historical chart. Unfortunately, this is a common trap. A trader may match MACD readings to a historical chart, hoping that perfect readings will appear in the future.

Another possible use of this indicator is very important in terms of position management, more precisely, it can be used to determine the level of stop loss. As already mentioned, ATR indicator measures average volatility, so if we assume that the average daily range of change in the price of a given stock is +/- ATR, in a downtrend an increase in price above ATR 2 can predict a change in the trend. The value of ATR changes with the new prices, so it can be used as a so-called trailing stop loss, which automatically adjusts to the current market situation and in case of a trend reversal will limit losses or protect previously gained profits.

Setting SL: The ATR indicator can be useful for setting the SL level.

Usually the SL is set in obvious places recognizable on the chart, such as under the last bottom in an uptrend. Such places are visible to all market participants, and the big players can take advantage of this by dropping the price below this level and thereby driving many traders out of the market. The ATR will solve this problem because the SL level can be set as a multiple of the Average True Range.

It is important that the ATR indicator falls below recent lows or above recent highs, as indicated by the purple arrows on the chart below. This sign indicates that the market has reached a point where a reversal should occur. However, indicators alone are not enough for trading since there are cases in the market where the price remains below the oversold line or above the overbought line for a long period of time. Indicatorscanonlysupplementtrading.