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Autonomous SmartDesk Core Review: Quality Gaming Desk for Gamers    

As a gaming enthusiast, you must be accustomed to sitting for hours together as you indulge in your favorite recreational activity. Why settle for a conventional gaming table when a quality SmartDesk is a healthy and affordable alternative?

If you are an addicted gamer, and are on the lookout for the perfect gaming desk, this SmartDesk Core review is for you.

The SmartDesk Core is the latest in a series of excellent desks designed by Autonomous as part of their SmartDesk product line. Autonomous has also launched an EPP initiative that entitles you to an employer discount, if your employer has partnered with the company.

Choose to Stand When Gaming

The positive effect that standing has on your gaming performance may pleasantly surprise you. As you go through this Autonomous standing desk review, you will understand the benefits of transitioning from sitting to standing while gaming.

  • Improving your mood and keeping your energy levels high
  • Enhancing your concentration thus, ensuring you stay actively engaged in the game
  • Forcing you to take a break by naturally limiting your playing time as standing for long brings on fatigue
  • Facilitating optimum customization and upgrades to suit your gaming needs
  • Keeping your weight in check and eliminating nagging back pain associated with sitting awkwardly for hours
  • Bettering blood circulation and thereby promoting good health

Autonomous SmartDesk Core Review

Every gaming desk review prominently features the Autonomous SmartDesk Core mainly due to its versatility and multi-functionality.

The below characteristics will help you comprehend why the SmartDesk Core review tags this welcome creation as a quality gaming desk:

Maximum Flexibility

Being a height-adjustable standing desk, the SmartDesk Core effortlessly adapts to your gaming needs. You can use the in-built control panel to program your preferred height and elevate or lower the desk as per your liking. The limitless flexibility this desk offers boosts your focus and energy while gaming.

Adequate Gaming Space

Highlighted within the Autonomous standing desk review are its dimensions. Whether you opt for the XL or classic size, the tabletop length and width facilitate ultimate comfort and efficiency while gaming.

It accommodates and organizes all your gaming gear with ease. When your console is at one level and your set-up positions all you need at hand, you perform better.

Superior Quality

Autonomous believes in using the highest quality material for the desk’s construction. This product is resistant to moisture and scratch marks, helping it retain its visual appeal for longer.

You will come across desks made of bamboo or wood in varying colors such as white oak, black, and walnut. These gorgeous, spacious desks also guarantee the best possible experience, thanks to their innovative design and unshakeable stability.

Cool Shapes

You may prefer a classic rectangular desk, a curved, or an L-shaped pattern. If you check out a reliable gaming desk review, you will learn that all three shapes are compatible with typical gaming desk accessories. Identify a spot where you want to place the standing desk and then finalize a shape that seamlessly fits in.

No Noisy Distraction

Because the SmartDesk Core deploys advanced noise-cancellation engineering, you are not subjected to excessive sounds when adjusting the desk’s height. Autonomous ensures that its dual electric motor system is near silent as the 39 decibel sound that emits during every movement is barely audible.

A feature that addresses noisy concerns is such a boon, and the SmartDesk Core review rightfully draws your attention to this fact. Not disturbing others around you while carrying out height adjustments on the desk is what gamers yearn for.

Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

As a brand, Autonomous lays much emphasis on satisfying you, the end-user. On placing an order directly from their official website, you are spared its shipping cost. You can track the progress of your shipment and expect the desk to arrive within the timeframe promised.

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core has a warranty policy that only comes into effect from the delivery date of the original product. The five-year warranty safeguards you from the remote possibility of the desk not functioning to its optimum.

Depending on your location, Autonomous grants you a 30-day trial period within which you can exchange or return the product, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with it.

Ensure the standing desk is in its original packaging, and perfect condition as refunds are initiated after a thorough examination of the returned product.

Worthy Gaming Partner

A gaming desk is an integral tool for avid gamers like you, and an adjustable feature mainly seals the deal. This Autonomous SmartDesk Core review finds the SmartDesk Core to be versatile, sturdy, attractive, spacious, and convenient, making it one of the best gaming desks in the market in 2021.