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Average Windows and Doors Installation Cost in Oshawa

GTA and its area is very demanding in terms of renovation projects, and the windows and doors Oshawa region is considered highly popular. The type of windows and doors, the materials used, the scope of the job, your location and the cost of labor in your area can all have a significant impact on the price of installing windows and doors. In addition, costs of materials and market conditions might fluctuate over time, which can affect prices.

Average cost to install windows and doors in Oshawa is between $45 and $65 per square foot. 

Keep in mind that these are just rough ranges and may change depending on the installation’s complexity.

Factors That Impact the Price of Windows and Doors Installation

  • Product dimensions, as oversized products would cost you more to be installed. Due to the extra labor and material requirements, installing larger windows and doors typically priced more than installing smaller ones.
  • Number of openings, the bigger project you have might give a chance of a better deal.
  • Number of glass panes. The thickness of glass makes the window heavier with more effort to install. Double entry doors, doors with a transom, one or more sidelites cost more to be installed.
  • Type of installation matters, such as retrofit or frame size and brick to brick, which is more expensive. 
  • Material of framing, such as wood or vinyl. For the wooden frame there is an additional charge per linear foot.
  • Extra jobs, such as extra capping, trimming, aluminum capping, cut out, blinds relocation.
  • Long distance charge.
  • Parking restrictions.

Another important aspect is the cost of labor. Depending on your area and the particular windows and doors company you choose, installation labor charges may vary. To better understand the expenses involved in your location, it is advisable to receive quotes from several companies. 

To receive a more accurate estimate, be sure to include complete information about your requirements. A professional installation is essential for the long-term performance and for energy efficiency of your windows and doors, even though cost is a key consideration.

Ask Vinyl Light experts for the best deal on your windows and doors installation cost in Oshawa. There may be extra savings and rebates depending on the window characteristics you choose and the scope of your installation. We provide warranties on both material and labor. We explain how each of the mentioned aspects will impact your windows budget so you can make a smart choice.