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Aviator: The Fastest Growing Online Casino Game 

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A recent case study by Indian casino comparison and industry analytics platform SevenJackpots reveals the astonishing growth trajectories achieved by a brand new class of real money games called crash games and explores the factors behind their enormous success.

The Game’s Creators Enlarge Their User Base by More than 500%

Spribe, the studio that created the Aviator game – the market star of the innovative gaming genre also called cash or crash games, and a number of other hit crash titles including Mines, Plinko, and Goal, experienced a massive growth of 534% in their share of unique online casino players within the first eight months of 2022, from 0.44% to 2.79%, operator data shows.

What’s even more impressive, a jump of nearly 194% was registered just between July and August last year, from a share of 0.95% to 2.79%.

As a whole, games by the emerging Spribe studio increased their share of active users by 66.68% from 4.52% to 7.53%, comparing the full ten-month period between January and October, 2022, and the last three months of the same period (August to October).

The accompanying rise in the share of online casino operator turnovers is by 44.2% – from 0.61% to 0.87%.

Crash Games Popularity Acts on Many Fronts

Crash games attract substantial numbers of active players, but do not carry a matching contribution in terms of generating turnovers. This points to one of the reasons behind the surging popularity of crash games: they usually have a high return-to-player (RTP) ratio, often around 95-97%, and attract small, but fast bets.

The gameplay and rules of Aviator and crash games in principle are very simple and easy to grasp and play. Nevertheless, interactive features such as player chats, live statistics and leaderboards make crash games socially engaging and attractive to many gamers after the pandemic.

Crash games are very light on data usage and device resources, and are nothing like most of the modern live dealer games which can be very heavy on system requirements and cannot be played on all devices and in all network conditions.

Live dealer games are also very heavy in terms of the full attention they require for their immersive gameplay. The lightness of cash or crash games, on the other hand, makes them suitable for fast gaming sessions on the go.

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of crash games that sets them aside from the older types of casino games like roulette, baccarat or any other such classic, is that they put the full control over what’s happening in the hands of the player.

After placing their bets, players are not mere passive observers of the dealings of the game croupier. Instead, they can cash out any time and the thrill of risky decision making can be felt throughout the whole game.

Besides control, crash games offer players an unprecedented level of openness and transparency regarding their fairness. These games are run by the so-called provably fair technology which allows anyone to go to Game History and verify the fairness of all previous or current game rounds and results.

The technology combining server and player seed into a SHA512 hash for generating random numbers is taken from the world of crypto and decentralised finance and is close to the heart of many tech-savvy young people who are familiar with such technologies.