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Avoid These Mistakes, Or You Will Mess Up Your Car Accident Case

Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic. Handling a car accident case needs attention and experience. A Rome car accident attorney will help you avoid making mistakes that can ruin the case. What are the mistakes? Keep reading.

Confessing that it was your fault

Never admit that you were faulty for the accident to the other driver, the police, or the insurance company. A slight hint that you were not careful while driving will be an irreversible sin, and all your chances of getting compensation will go down the drain.

Making delay in going to the doctor

Whether you are severely injured or not, you need to seek medical attention after the accident. Continuing your life after the accident without consulting a doctor will give the impression that your injuries were not serious. 

Not inviting any other entity and solving the case between two drivers

If you or the other driver has the notion that you will keep matters up to yourselves and not report the police, it will be a devastating mistake you will have to pay for later. In the future, you can face serious issues due to a lack of evidence and police reports of the accident. Always call the local authorities and ensure they create an official accident report. If the accident happens in OH, you can easily access the OSHP crash report online after it has been filed.

Not being transparent to your attorney

You need to give a detailed report to your lawyer. Do not skip or lie about any incident. Being dishonest with your attorney will be, in a way, cheating yourself. If it was your mistake, admit it. The lawyers have any strategies that will shield you if you are faulty. 

Agreeing to the first settlement offer

The insurers from the faulty driver will come up with offers to claim that “it is the best you can get,” but often, they are lying. Do not accept these offers as they are low-ball, and by getting a lawyer, you can get higher compensation. Avoid having any word with the insurance company unless you have a lawyer.

Handling the case alone

Lastly, do not make the mistake of handling the case alone. After an accident, you might be in trauma, or your physical conditions might worsen. Taking the load of handling the case alone might not give your time and space to heal. Also, a lawyer has much more understanding of the law and the dynamics of the case; they will do the best that will suit you.