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Ayman Kaddoura: The Man Who Revolutionized the Digital Marketing

The world is rapidly moving towards digitalization. So now, it has become more important than ever before to be familiar with the growing social media industry. 

Social media is not just a medium for networking and making friends anymore. Instead, it has transformed into a crucial marketing tool that all big businesses and individuals are using to maximize their growth today. However, to ace in the social media world, one needs to truly understand the overall social media industry. By knowing how social media engagement and marketing work, anyone can become a successful content creator now. 

This is the belief shared by the pioneer of Bridge Technology, Ayman Kaddoura. Born on 1st January 1988, Ayman is a Palestinian-Lebanese entrepreneur based in Dubai and is a digital marketing guru. In 2018, he founded his company Bridge Technology, a digital marketing firm specializing in Web Development, Content Creation, and Social Media Marketing. In just 3 years, Bridge Technology has now become one of the fastest-growing social media management companies under the expertise of Ayman Kaddoura

Kaddoura has always been fond of digital marketing since its early days. He completed an advanced professional course in digital marketing from DigiGYAN Institute of Professional Training and Social Media Marketing at My Media Consultancy. Later, he started his career as a sales executive but later became an entrepreneur. However, Kaddoura’s true calling has always been marketing business. He has a charismatic personality and a way to build trust in people. His skills have turned many small companies into global giants. Apart from that, his skills as a social media marketing manager and as an owner of a giant social media marketing firm made him a great mentor for young and new minds of the field. 

Ayman Kaddoura firmly believes in the importance of understanding brand aim and need, then using it as a marketing theme to attract an audience and generate engagement. Even though Kaddoura is an expert in social media marketing and online business management, he knows the harsh reality of the social media world. With everything going online and becoming digitized, the market competition is getting stronger every day. However, he knows how to deal with it. He shares, 

“One of the biggest challenges in the world of digital marketing is the amount of pressure there is to generate leads and to generate traction at the same time. When we are creating an ad, we’re not just getting the customer to get interested in the product but also it is a way of branding a product. In the traditional marketing methods, branding is a separate entity, but in digital marketing, the two of them work hand in hand.”

Kaddoura has revolutionized the world of digital marketing with his novel ideas and innovative approach. He is not only a digital media marketing guru but an extraordinary mentor and a great writer. He published his first book, Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse, in 2021. The book discusses many advantages of social media or how particularly social media marketing has brought and focuses on the other side of the coin. 

As a digital marketing specialist, Ayman Kaddoura has seen all sides of social media, the good and the bad. In his book, Social Media: A Blessing and A Curse, he discussed how managing and working in the social media industry could be both rewarding and tiresome. As the world is going global, new applications and ways for social engagement are being introduced almost daily. This has created a social media frenzy where everyone is trying to give their input without proper knowledge of the field. 

Talking about his knowledge of the field, he provides a few tips for beginners, 

“If you are selling a business model, it would be better to target social media platforms that target business professionals. Meanwhile, if your product is for the fashion industry, you’ll be better off with a photo and video sharing platform. Know your product and then pick the right platform to connect with the users looking for it.” 

Ayman Kaddoura has made his name in the global digital market. He holds several certifications and licenses, including the Honor of Service, International Telecommunication Union, and Social Media Marketing Certification Exam. His company Bridge Technology now provides services for online marketing, web development, and other internet technologies. In addition, Ayman Kaddoura believes in the presence of social media managers on various social media platforms, so you can find him on LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.