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Backlinks for SEO Novices

Understanding what backlinks bring to the table is incredibly important if you want to succeed at SEO. Of course, newcomers often find themselves overwhelmed, especially when they see how effective those backlinks can be when the competitors use them. That’s why this guide is meant to help you navigate some of the intricacies of backlinks and use those to make your business stand out from the crowd online!

Backlinks at a Glance

At their essence, backlinks are hyperlinks that are coming from websites and lead to your resource. These are essential for SEO and really play a major role in how any search engine will evaluate the overall authority of the web page you have. That will make your page either relevant or less so. So, perceive those as endorsements that one website is capable of giving to the other.

How Important are Backlinks?

Any search engine, including Google, will be analysing both the quantity and the quality of the backlinks that lead to your web page. It’s just a part of their algorithms. Hence, websites with plenty of those backlinks are viewed and clicked more often. That makes them more reliable in the eyes of the search engines. That way, a website with greater reliability and a strong backlink profile will help your online business outperform the competition. It makes backlink acquisition a pivotal part of any successful SEO strategy.

Types and Quality of Backlinks

Different backlinks have different value. Links coming from websites and platforms with greater reputation and higher traffic income are better for your reputation, since search engines deem those as much more reputable in all the right ways. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that a versatile backlink profile may easily turn into an essential tool that will help you build trust in the eyes of those search engines. 

Analyzing and Tracking Backlinks

Delving deeper into backlink profiles are essential. Google Analytics and similar tools will provide you with ways to keep track of where your backlinks are coming from, as well as the type of traffic that they bring to your resource. It’s imperative to have that data (as shown in a recent share of voice report), as it helps immensely in understanding how your website compares to the competition. This, in turn, helps garner an upper hand in building a truly robust SEO strategy that just works!