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Basketballer’s Everyday Carry

These Are Growing Fashion Favorites

Basketballers are not only fixtures on the basketball court but in fashion as well. This observation explains why they are fashion favorites for various brands and labels and why they rake in millions as endorsers. It is a bit hard to show off your personal style when you are a player in a sport that requires uniforms. Most basketball players have however nailed the art of arriving in style for the games. Some players find inspiration straight from the fashion runaways while others are spotted wearing luxury brands. Here are some basketballer’s everyday carry:

Slim Wallet

Slim wallets are increasing in popularity, not only for their functionality but also for their stylish and sophisticated appeal. The wallet is fairly small to fit in pockets without causing bulkiness. The best slim wallets can hold several cards and bills and are made of premium leather to be stylish and also durable. Their minimalist design further adds to their overall aesthetic. Some companies manufacture wallets made by hand to ensure they are of high quality. A slim wallet like Kinzd is perfect for a basketball player as it offers safety, functionality, and a minimalistic and stylish design.


In the world of accessories, watches are more that timekeepers; they are a fashion statement capable of turning heads. Basketballers have access to luxury watch designs, and they can be spotted wearing notable brands. High-end models are made from gold and silver, and their bands can be either leather or metal. Basketball players will often wear watches which are not only durable but which exhibit timelessness and classic craftsmanship. If done right, a watch will compliment any outfit seamlessly.


Basketball players generally have busy regimens, and they shuffle between the gym, basketball courts, and other social places. A phone is, therefore, more than a means of communication for them as they also utilize it in planning their schedules. Phones have become even more important as players seek to craft their online brands. Most of them are recognizable figures on such platforms as Twitter and Instagram. The players boast of high engagement on these sites as well, where some of them have millions of followers. Footage from basketball games even shows the players checking their phones in between games.


The public is not only curious about the items that basketball players carry the most but the bags they are seen with as well. The players are often seen with backpacks big enough to hold balls, clothes, water bottles, iPads and other necessities. A popular trend with the players is the addition of a tiny bag to their outfits, popularly referred to as the doop kit. This bag is perfect for carrying a few essential items including phones and keys.


Belts can add a touch of class to an outfit, and basketball players are well aware of this fact. They are always seen in classy and luxurious belts, which adds to their fashionable flair. A leather belt is the most opted piece by most of the players.

Basketball players have managed to brand themselves as style icons out of the playing court. They are formidable influencers and brands can rely on them to advertise such pieces as slim wallets.

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