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Benefits of getting a Java Certification in the US

Over the past years, we have seen that certifications have earned the credential for the candidates in the industry. It helps software developers improve their skills. It helps them to stand out in front of the crowd.

There are several vendors providing certifications like Oracle, Google, Axelon, and many more. Among them, Oracle is well known for giving certifications in varied domains. One of the most industry-wide recognized certifications is Oracle’s certification in the Java Programming Language.

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What is Oracle’s Java Programming Language Certification?

Oracle certifies programmers based on their skill set and knowledge based on the Java Programming Language. When Oracle approves you as a Java professional, it officially declares that you carry experience set to develop a software using Java Programming Language.

Java Certification is a good benchmark for all the experienced Java Professionals and to-be Java Professionals in the US. It certifies that you have the capability and knowledge of developing Java programs. And what more will you ask for if the owner of Java Programming Language itself certifies you as a Java Professional?

As per the recent update, Oracle has divided the course into two levels.

a. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) – OCA is an entry-level exam for the beginners. It builds a functional understanding of the Java language required for the freshers. It helps them to get used to the Java Programming Language.

You are supposed to learn the basics of Java Programming Language like variables, arrays, loops, classes, methods, and much more. Also, some of the not-so-basic topics like implicit narrowing, explicit casting, autoboxing, and nested class.

b. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – OCP is the second level of examination. OCA becomes the prerequisite to give the OCP exam.

We recommend OCP certification for individuals holding some experience in developing software using Java Programming Language since it deals with more advanced topics like design patterns, generics, JDBC, and threads.

At the time of OCA, whether you have experience or not, is not so important. But, when it comes to OCP, you need to have some experience.
The question comes, why there was a need for dividing a single OCA/OCP certification into two. The idea was to reduce the burden of learning all the concepts on one-go. Instead, learning the basics of Java in one certification, and then raising your caliber with OCP.

Now knowing what certification is all about and which topics are covered, we need to understand who all must take this Java Certification.

Who needs to take Oracle Certification on Java?

Oracle certifies you as a Java programmer means that you hold all the capabilities of developing software. But, it just recognizes your skills; it does not confirm that you will. You need to prove your caliber yourself.

By getting the certification, you are ready to step in this competitive world either by learning a new language and applying it as a fresher. Or you are updating your existing skills. Utilizing the current experience and updated skills, you are making credibility to stand in front of the crowd. You are raising your caliber in front of your team members who aren’t certified.

If you are a fresher taking certification, you will find a boost in your career. And if you are an experienced professional, then you might find new interesting aspects and concepts which you might apply in your practical programming work. You will see a gradual rise in your knowledge.

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It finally brings us to the main point of discussion on how it benefits the developers in the US market.

Benefits of Java Certification in the US job world

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a. It improves your existing knowledge about the programming language.

Your organization where you work always aims to see its employees reaching the top professional credits. Oracle certification in Java is one such credit.

You might be amazed to know that, at times, organizations itself sponsor your certification as they need more qualified professionals to suffice the client requirements. In general, certification gives you an add-on in your career and resume.

Oracle certification improves your existing knowledge base, introduces new aspects about the programming world, and makes you familiar with new concepts that the working world demands. Make it a point to take this certification, when you start feeling that your existing knowledge is becoming out-dated.

b. Increased job opportunities

First of all, taking OCA or OCP certification does not ensure a new job for you. It just certifies you as a professional who is familiar with all the latest concepts. Rest, it depends on you how you perform during your interview.

Managers and recruiters are always looking out for certified professionals in the US market. It adds to the credibility of the candidate. And adds a good point in the employee’s resume and LinkedIn profile.

So, opportunities are many; it depends on how well you grasp the concepts and how well you can use your knowledge to suffice the practical requirements.

c. Recognition

Over the years, we have seen that Oracle certificates are recognized worldwide, especially in the IT world. It validates your knowledge about technology and adds credits to your profile.

Suppose you have experience and OCP certification, and someone else has the experience, then your chances of getting the interview call are brighter in comparison.

d. Chance to become a better programmer.

By getting the certification, you earn better knowledge about Java Programming Language. It means that you have a brighter chance to become a better developer.

It ensures you to give all the latest and most updated information about the programming language. It depends on you how you adapt with the latest updates, and how you utilize them in the practical coding.

Now at least knowing OCA/OCP certifications and its benefits, you won’t fall in the rumors of getting a job with the certification. It just adds a credit to your profile. We do accept that there are brighter chances of receiving a hike in your salaries. But, even that depends on your caliber and how well you adapt the updates.