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Benefits of Proprietary Technology in Online Bingo

Online bingo has been around since the early days of the internet. There are many free bingo games and apps as well as real money bingo sites in countries that allow online gambling.

In the UK, for example, there are hundreds of bingo sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Some use their own technology platform which is referred to as proprietary software, whilst others use a third-party supplier. You can see which type of software is being used over at the reviews on Bingo Cove. Today, we’re going to look at what the benefits are of playing online bingo at a site that uses proprietary technology.

Exclusive games not found elsewhere

The first and arguably most important reason for playing at an independent bingo site is the fact that all of the games are made by an in-house team. This means that you won’t be playing the same bingo games that are found across hundreds of bingo sites as they use the same software provider.

The largest online bingo site in the UK is tombola and they offer players a wide range of bingo games. There are so many bingo variants here it’s hard to keep up, though 90 ball bingo is the classic in the UK so most of them feature this. With over 400,000 monthly players it’s no surprise that Flutter Entertainment wanted to get its hands on this exclusive high-quality technology. One of the main selling points of tombola is its games so we’re sure that there won’t be any changes made to this area of the business.

MrQ and Bingocams are another two bingo sites that use their own bingo software and they’ve also been successful in recent years. Being different in a saturated market is clearly a good thing. The only downside to exclusive games is that the cash prizes are sometimes smaller as fewer players are participating. This obviously isn’t an issue for tombola, but they’ve been building their brand since 2005.

More personal community experience

As bingo has a large community feel to it, sometimes this is hard to replicate in a digital format. This is another reason why proprietary software can be advantageous. Direct feedback from customers can be implemented easier than at a third-party supplier who might think that it’s good enough and decide to work on another area of the product.

Also, ever since mobile became the number one device for online bingo it has become important to keep the ease of use on a smaller device. Again, tombola has excelled at this as the user interface allows people to see their bingo cards as well as the bingo chat to remain speaking with other players.

The fact that you are only speaking with customers at that one bingo site also enhances the community feels that some white label bingo sites struggle to have.

Wide range of bonuses and promotions

When you own your tech stack it makes everything more flexible and this even applies to bonuses and promotions. Online bingo sites that use a software solution can’t just add a new promotion or bonus without first checking if it can be built by the provider and if they’re willing to as it could be a large cost.

If proprietary technology is used then it is easier to get buy-in for a new type of bonus or promotion. This can be related to games too as some bingo sites limit bonuses to certain games, whereas you can open this up and allow customers to use bonuses in any bingo room they like.

Great customer support

Customer support is important no matter if you’re an independent website or not. But, in general, we’ve seen that proprietary technology also has its benefits as it can streamline this important function. This isn’t only tech-related, but generally, the staff is more personal due to being employed by the company, not a third-party solution.