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Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

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Videos have become almost the perfect marketing tool for capturing the attention of potential customers. Accordingly, the number of those who are interested in the question of what is an explanatory video is also growing. Advertising, image and corporate films are very popular not only among companies. Educational videos are also increasingly appearing on the web, and their views are steadily increasing. The format of training videos allows you to:

  • effectively get acquainted with the information;
  • assimilate knowledge;
  • get the necessary information in a convenient form;
  • do not experience difficulties in understanding the material.

The introduction of training videos has different goals, both internal and external, which means it is useful for employees and potential customers. The video explain to employees the essence of the work, various types of processes that they do not understand, while in the case of customers, training videos will allow them to fully familiarize themselves with the product, including instructions for use.

How explainer video can boost your product?

Due to the advantages of creating an educational video, this format is readily chosen by companies operating in various industries. First of all, films are a great marketing tool that allows you to present a specific product or service and at the same time present a company. This type of advertising is much more effective than other types, for example:

  • outdoor advertising;
  • advertising in the press;
  • leaflets and more.

The method of presenting information is simple, and makes it easy to contact a potential buyer, explaining, for example, the mechanisms of the device. Creating training videos in one way or another allows you to gain the trust of a company that will demonstrate professionalism by carefully presenting and, as mentioned above, explaining how the products work or are used. A potential customer who will launch such products (which is not difficult, especially when placing a movie on popular sites) will receive a positive opinion about the company, considering it a specialist in its field. Educational videos, like corporate or promotional videos, allow you to consciously create a positive image.

Key Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

The duration, type of technology used, and other factors determine explainer video costs. There are many advantages of explanatory videos, but some of them deserve special attention. For example:

  • improving the interaction of the company with the audience;
  • drawing attention to the product;
  • saving costs for an advertising campaign by increasing the conversion of sales;
  • an easy way to familiarize users with the information that needs to be conveyed;
  • an excellent tool for branding, increasing company awareness and a number of other advantages, which we will learn in more detail below.

Brevity, conciseness and correctly selected effects allow you to achieve maximum results. This is a relatively inexpensive way to offer a product to the general public and improve the performance of the marketing tools used.

The Practicality of Video

This benefit is considered to be one of the key success factors for the training video. Practicality is manifested in the format of information presentation:

  • thesis formulation;
  • emphasis on key points;
  • the ability to interact and manage the audience’s attention;
  • effective and fast assimilation of the material.

For all its simplicity, videos can significantly reduce the time it takes to familiarize users with new data.

Increase Conversion Rate

The goal of any advertising campaign is to draw the audience’s attention to your product, while minimizing advertising costs. And thanks to an integrated approach, the results delight the customer. The increase in conversion is achieved due to a simplified and interesting presentation format.

Better Google Results

Most business owners use the advertising tools of the largest search engine. By increasing user engagement and simple submission of material, the results of interaction with advertising products can be significantly improved.

More Shareable Than Text

Fewer and fewer users want to immerse themselves in a long and not always effective study of something new for themselves through reading. Most modern people want to receive concise and useful information in video format.

Reflection of Your Brand’s Culture and Personality

In addition to getting acquainted with the new product that needs to be presented to the market, users get acquainted with the company, its areas of activity and key features.

You have a chance to prove your worth

Attracting the attention of users and correctly composing a video script, calculating the interests of a potential audience. Within the framework of one material, one can not only familiarize the user, but also induce action, convince of the usefulness of the product.