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Benefits of Using Software to Track Employee Productivity

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Law staff productivity is one of the reasons a business suffers. You can avoid all situations that are unpleasant for the development of your company with the help of employee monitoring software.

How Can Employee Monitoring Software Change the Business?

The success of a business depends not only on its owner, but also on hired managers, employees, salespeople, and on the interest of everyone in performing their duties. The business suffers losses due to unproductive employees. There are several reasons for this:

  • Ineffective activity is paid for;
  • Poorly built internal processes;
  • Inappropriate use of the potential of employees, their low qualification;
  • Duplication of one operation by several workers;
  • Inconsistency of information systems and technological infrastructure with business needs.

So, the role of software in monitoring the team grows and affects the success of the company. One of the best software to track employee productivity is Workpuls. It will expand the capabilities of the usual methods of monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of personnel. When integrated with simpler methods, it provides new opportunities to stimulate the team and prevent undesirable circumstances of failure.

Employee Time Tracking

Where to begin? With discipline and punctuality. Working hours are regulated by the Labor Code. Good tone, respect for the profession begins with adherence to the daily routine. The employer should set up the team to achieve goals, designate an area of responsibility, and control development and choosing the right software is imperative in this task. Websites like Truely where they collect software reviews in different categories can greatly help you.

The employer has the right and is obliged to control the implementation of:

  • attendance of employees at the required hours, presence during the working period, immediate return from lunch;
  • fixing paid time, dividing it into actual working time, downtime not due to the fault of a specialist, vacations, sick leaves, etc.

How to Identify Non-working Employees?

There are several ways to determine who is slowing down the team and driving economic performance, from observation, psychological analysis to IT solutions.

Conduct an external audit

A third-party expert will find the best, proactive, responsive, and loafers with an objective view. With this method, face-to-face meetings, group interviews without specifying the purpose of the interview, and document analysis are good. The results will create a holistic picture with whom the business can be developed further, and who can be asked to leave an uninteresting job.

Analyze performance results

Analyze the results of the activities of beginners and experienced specialists. This is easier to do where key performance indicators are defined, where work can be measured visually, like programmers.

Feedback (method “360 degrees”)

Feedback will be appropriate where there are no digital metrics in assessing the competence of an employee. Here the employee is characterized from all sides by colleagues: from subordinates to the director. And most importantly, you need to conduct a self-assessment.

Difficult but productive. This is necessary in order to identify the weaknesses of a person and not to dismiss him, but to find a way to improve his qualifications.


Instruct a colleague who does not inspire confidence to draw up a report for the day, week. A low workload will cause difficulties in filling it out.

Employee Productivity Analysis

An idea of the productivity of staff is given by daily and weekly planning meetings, a KPI system, checklists with repetitive tasks, an access control system, video surveillance, including a permanent workplace. But these methods can’t provide an overall picture of the team’s employment.

ACS will only note the hours spent within the walls of the office, but not the fullness of tasks.

Video surveillance will show the person in his place, but will not answer how much time he spent on resolving issues. In addition, it will create psychological pressure from continuous supervision.

KPIs – key performance indicators are suitable both in the areas of sales and in assessing personal growth, where the result can be interpreted quantitatively. At the same time, you can face overestimation of indicators, lengthening of the process of activity for the sake of positive reporting.

Frequent reporting meetings slow down productivity and waste time.

Benefits of Using Employee Productivity Software

You can rebuild the company’s internal processes with employee productivity software. The system will identify all errors, show how much time the company used unproductively, what the employees’ time is spent on, who violates discipline, and who does not cope with duties. As a result, it determines the general atmosphere of the mood for work, for achieving goals.

Productivity software helps to assess the time spent by a particular employee and department for specific tasks, to compare their effectiveness, professional training, and distribute the load in accordance with the competencies.

The employer can find out who actually performed their job duties or was distracted on social networks to the nearest minute. And he will not have to pay for the pointless presence of a subordinate on the spot.


Loyal control of working hours is indispensable in business. Productivity software ensures parity for two parties – employees and managers. It will not let you relax without a reason and forget about responsibilities. As a result: the employer and employee will have a complete understanding of common tasks in the business, profession, and obtaining high rates.