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Best 5 Color Combination Ideas for Your Drawing Room

Suppose you are interested in a different way to decorate your living room and its impact. We are going to talk about how to introduce stone into the living room, either by covering a wall, using pillars, or simply using it as a decorative element. Therefore, start to be inspired by one of these many ways of laying natural stone that we show you below, and you will surely find one that you can imitate in your home.

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1. Green, Brown, and Gray

When choosing the tones for your living room, you must take into account both the meters and orientation as well as the style. If you want to create a natural atmosphere, there is nothing better than bringing the two colors of nature par excellence into your home: green and brown. Gray, third in contention, is perfect as a support for wall paint, thanks to its neutrality and elegance.

2. Sky Blue, Mustard, and Navy

Mustard, so fashionable, becomes the connecting link between the blues on the wall and the pouf, achieving a modern and daring set. In addition, the sky tone, one of the colors with less ‘deco’ hook and more difficult to use without falling into boredom, manages to come out of the trance gracefully thanks to the white and the vitality of the accessories.

3. Walls Designed to Beautify the Room

In any room, there is a wall that, due to its location or shape, becomes the key piece to give the space a unique look. If you have already located the wall in your living room, the next step is to cover it with stones. They are very easy to install and have a unique texture, achieving special and precious decorative stone walls.

4. Stones That Divide

You want to decorate your home with stone, but you don’t really know-how, and you already like the finish of the walls. Thus, the previous option is ruled out. But how about trying to erect a partition right in the middle of the room? It does not have to reach the ceiling, and it will help you divide the space and create two environments.

5. Stones everywhere

If you are on the way to renovating your home and you want to show your passion for stone, try inlaying it with concrete or cement. They do not have to follow any pattern, you can place them in a whimsical way, and your new walls will have the look and texture you were looking for.

6. A modern environment

We usually associate the stone with a rural, country style, but the truth is that this stopped being the case a long time ago. Today there are designs based on the fine stone that gives the living room a sophisticated and modern touch. Take a look at the wall in this image. For example, don’t you think it has an avant-garde touch?

7. Breaking the visual balance

There is nothing wrong with suddenly having a gap where the stone in the wall shows and breaks the smooth appearance of the room. What’s more, we recommend that you put it into practice if you want the visual monotony to disappear.

8. To generate unity

In this design, we see that the living room is divided into two by a sliding wooden door, one of them being outdoors. However, the gray stone wall with a rustic and irregular cut makes it appear that it is a single space.

9. Abroad

As we have just seen, it is not only valid for the interior. You can also use stone walls to separate the interior and exterior of your home. In addition to being highly resistant to weathering, they create fabulous aesthetics.