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Best 6 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation

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The days of manual communication have vanished into the past. Nowadays, there are many tools to help you schedule and automate your communication. LinkedIn is one such social media site that makes automation possible. In this regard, there are a variety of tools available on the internet that can help you in automating your LinkedIn accounts for free.

LinkedIn touted as the best social media platform for professionals, can be a great tool to help you achieve your business or career goals. While LinkedIn is a powerful platform, it’s not easy to use.

Utilizing automated tools helps you grow your network faster, engage with more users, and save time for other important responsibilities. This post will introduce you to some of the most well-performing and powerful LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation with comprehensive details.

So let’s begin!

What Is Linkedin Automation?

Simply put,  LinkedIn automation is nothing but putting all your manual work on autopilot.

With LinkedIn automation, you can easily spend less time managing your LinkedIn marketing activities and more time focusing on what matters: converting those prospects into sales.

Automating your LinkedIn marketing process through a tool can help you reach more lead generation, gain more conversion, and ultimately, generate better results.

You can think of automation tools as the personal assistants of your professional life. They let you set aside some time in your schedule so that you can focus on more important things in your life.

Automation tools can help you increase your presence on LinkedIn and grow your network quickly. They also save you a great deal of time. Check out the best automation tools available.

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools automate your marketing tasks on LinkedIn and help you grow your network. Personalized and relevant messages are delivered to contacts faster than ever before–without having to take time out of your busy schedule!

LinkedIn automation tools are software products (strategies, workflows, and/or bots) designed to completely or partially manage activity on LinkedIn – such as creating a new lead, sending messages, following people, posting comments, or building a newsfeed post.

Furthermore, LinkedIn automation tools are split into two prime categories: 

  1. Browser-Based Linkedin Automation Tools
  2. Cloud-Based Linkedin Automation Tools
  • Traditional features
  • Not suitable for 24/7 use.
  • Use  browser caching, thus, easy to detect.
  • Use different IP addresses every time you log in.
  • Expansive
  • Advanced Features
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Rare to detect 
  • Featured rich (like personalization) that boost your conversion rates.
  • Less-invasive

Best Linkedin Automation Tools

We’ve chosen the following automation tools that we believe will best suit your marketing needs. You’ll find tools that can collect data to help you run personalized campaigns, tools that can speed up tedious tasks to save you time, and tools that will help you create better iterations of your campaigns across multiple channels.

1. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a powerful, easy-to-use relationship management tool that lets you connect to target profiles from the LinkedIn database in your second or third-degree network. It allows you to send personalized messages to target contact profiles and can also be used for bulk sending. Octopus CRM ranks highly among the top lead generation tools for LinkedIn.

#1 Linkedin automation software, Octopus has been designed for LinkedIn with special features for all business professionals who manage, maintain, and grow their network. You can use Octopus CRM to send messages in bulk to your contacts as well as individualized messages to a mass audience. It has a search bar that is easy to use, and advanced filters so you only get the results you want to see. Go ahead and download Octopus now!


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Comprehensive resource library.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Filter function could be improved.
  • You can’t download phones or email addresses.


Octopus CRM offers four pricing tiers:

  1. Starter — $6.99
  2. Pro — $9.99
  3. Advanced — $14.99
  4. Unlimited — $24.99

2. Dripify

Dripify is a great way to prospecting on LinkedIn and engage with target audiences for your business. This Linkedin automation tool allows you to grow your business with maximum exposure. Plus, it comes with a 15-day free trial period with a hassle-free cancellation policy.


  • Easy to use
  • No technical skills
  • Integrations
  • Simple and accessible.


  • Complex Data downloading options 
  • No mobile app


  1. Basic: 39 dollars per month (32.95€/month).
  2. Pro: 59 dollars per month (49.85€/month).
  3. Advanced: 79 dollars per month (or 66.75€/month).

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the most demanding automatic lead tools – ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator’ is perfect for a sales genius who’s tired of manually prospecting their LinkedIn network and wants to use a tool that will help close more deals. It’s designed to quickly find the right people, expand your reach across the web, and even learn what actions are resulting in more sales. Say goodbye to manual data entry, manual prospecting, and guesswork. This tool puts all your information into one convenient place where it can then be acted upon.


  • Free thirty-day trial
  • Excellent profile navigation and segmenting features
  • Group messaging capabilities
  • Improve business growth and generate more leads


  • Doesn’t offer automation functionality.
  • Limited starter plan


LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes with three pricing options, namely:

  1. Professional – $64.99/month.
  2. Team – $103.33/month.
  3. Enterprise – Custom package.

4. Expandi

Expandi is a LinkedIn lead generation tool that increases your sales by automating marketing activities. Now your messages can be up to 25% more personalized because Expandi will select images from prospects’ LinkedIn profiles and include them in your messages.


  • Integrates with other marketing tools.
  • Multiple accounts on the same dashboard.
  • Up to 100 connection requests or messages in a day.
  • Auto warm-up feature 
  • Personalized images and GIFs.
  • Dedicated country IP address.


  • Expansive


$99/month with a 7-day free trial.

5. Zopto

One of the biggest challenges most startups face is reaching out to new prospects. Generally, very few companies sell a decision-maker. And doing cold calls or emails can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. That’s where LinkedIn autopilot tools like Zopto come in handy. Using a robotic voice makes it easy for you to prepare your cold calls, texts, and emails and schedule them automatically. This way, you spend very little time dealing with leads, leaving you with more time for other activities that are related directly to revenue generation.


  • A/B testing functionality.
  • Easy to customize your target audience.
  • New features are constantly being added and developed.


  • Once a campaign starts, it can’t be stopped/canceled until the prospect responds.
  • Initial setup can be challenging.


Zopto offers three pricing plans, namely:

  • Personal – $215/month.
  • Grow – $395/month.
  • Agency – $895/month.

6. WeConnect

Expand your network, track leads, and close more deals with We-connect’s easy-to-use LinkedIn automation platform. We-connect is Yelp’s relationship management software that combines all your sales and marketing tools in one product. Featuring reporting capabilities, team sharing, and email tracking, We-connect helps make the process of prospecting and nurturing leads easier than ever before. 


  • Easy to search for a target audience.
  • You can remove pending invitations.
  • Simple, Well-designed user interface.
  • Easy to segment contacts.


  • Poor customer support.


$49/per user/month pricing plan.

Is LinkedIn automation illegal?

Automation on LinkedIn isn’t illegal. However, some automation tools are blocked for violating the platform’s Terms of Service. These include scraping, spamming, and other unethical practices that break the platform’s trust. For example, they don’t allow members to use third-party products ( unauthorized or spam LinkedIn bot) that log in to their accounts to do tasks on a member’s behalf, which can lead to account abuse.


Your business goals are time-bound and intense. You don’t have time for yet another tool, which is why you need to discover the top LinkedIn automation tools so you can be sure that you’re investing your time and resources into something that offers real value.

Making the right choice is almost impossible. That’s why we’ve taken the pain out of the process and curated a list of the best automation tools for you to choose from. Use this article to find the best LinkedIn automation tool for you!