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Best Algorithmic Trading Software: A Top List for Newbies

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This method is a perfect way out for those who seek regular and frequent income but do not have time to perform trades on their own. It will allow you to earn from Forex or other assets in a virtually passive manner. Still, to enjoy its benefits to the full, you must start by selecting the most effective and accurate program.

In short, algorithmic trading is using programs or robots to perform trades in an automated mode. The key goal of this approach is to execute trades at the most suitable time based on the current market situation and a user’s preferences and to save him time, effort, and nerves. To help you get the biggest advantage of this opportunity, we have researched the market of such products and picked up the best algorithmic trading software oriented towards novice users. But, before we name them, be sure to study the potential pluses and minuses of this method so that your decision is thoroughly weighted.


  • High speed. No human is able to process data and execute heavy calculations as fast and accurately as a computer algorithm.
  • No human errors. It is not a secret that even the most experienced investors are prone to tiredness and may lose concentration because of that.
  • No risks related to stress or emotions. A human trader is not involved in the process and does not influence it.
  • Strict discipline. Such a program will perfectly comply with your instructions without any fluctuations. You can freely rely on it to follow your trading plan.
  • Diversification. For a human, it may be extremely challenging to work with several assets, strategies, or markets simultaneously. Yet, specialized software will cope with that at ease. As a result, your profits will get multiplied.
  • Backtesting. Before you put any money at risk, test your new software and strategy on the basis of historical data and see whether it is efficient enough.


  • Risk of technical failure. In the case of any problems of such kind, you may lose an opportunity to execute trades and, consequently, get profits.
  • Certain control is still needed. Although such programs are supposed to work on their own, to be on the safe side, you must check the accuracy of your software from time to time and update the settings.

So, if you want to give this option a try, we would recommend a few safe and efficient platforms that do not require programming skills or profound trading experience from their users. In case you are interested in free services exclusively, choose RoboForex, Fortnite, or Haasbot. And those who are ready to pay a certain fee should visit Botsfolio, Zen Trading, Pionex, or TradingView in the first place.

To sum up, in case you are seeking trading methods that require minimum time, utilizing the kind of software described above is one of the best variants. You can safely entrust it with earning money for you while you are busy with another work or your Forex education course.