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Best B2B Data Providers to Choose for Your Business

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Data is a huge investment, and being a B2B marketer, you never want your money to be wasted. B2B data for sales is only useful to your enterprise if it is up-to-date and accurate. This is where B2B data providers shine.

After all, data is the gasoline that keeps your revenue engine humming. The best B2B data providers may save your marketing and sales teams’ lives. These teams will be unable to identify, target, and interact with your target prospects and steer outcomes unless they have reliable data. 

But, with so many B2B data providers to select from, how do you know which one to go with, ensuring b2b lead generation?

Don’t fret! In this blog, we’ve outlined a list of the best B2B data providers currently preferred by marketers to assist you in successfully enhancing your marketing efforts. Continue reading to learn more about the same.

Top 5 B2B Data Providers in 2022

If you’ve been inundated with information and are still unsure about which B2B data provider or B2B marketplace to select, you’ve come to the correct place.

We have compared data-providing companies and vendors and finally compiled a list of the best five B2B data provider solutions that are currently ruling the market in terms of lead generation and customer acquisition.

  • ZoomInfo

Well, ZoomInfo is out-and-out a top-notch market intelligence firm that focuses on sales intelligence, contact data, marketing intelligence, lead generation, increased prospecting, account-based marketing, and business connections.

ZoomInfo creates business profiles for individuals and businesses, gathers business data, and integrates several references of the same entity. They are critical tools for understanding organizational hierarchies and enabling B2B sales and marketing. Many firms rank ZoomInfo as one of the best locations when it comes to working for B2B solutions.

  • SalesIntel

This is one of the most sought-after B2B data-providing solutions in the market right now and best Zoominfo alternative in the market. SalesIntel assists businesses in identifying and connecting with top prospects in their market, as well as obtaining actionable buyer insights and intent signals. It provides sales teams with comprehensive, 95% human-verified (through 1.2k human researchers) contact and account data to help them develop their sales pipeline, nurture prospects, and close transactions more quickly.

Organizational charts are included in SalesIntel’s technographic and firmographic data to assist you in contacting key decision-makers. Your sales unit may find purchase signals of your prospects via more than 7,000 online topics that are actively being researched by particular firms using Intent Data.

  • is a web-powered lead generation software that provides its customers with a vast database. You may identify the top prospects and develop personalized prospect lists by using more than 200 search attribute criteria.

This B2D data provider is suitable for SaaS platforms looking for high-quality sales and marketing intelligence platforms. Apollo’s database is competent, with more than 250 million contracts from more than sixty million enterprises and over 120 million mobile numbers.

Two notable elements are firmographic attributes and technology tracking. One disadvantage of Apollo is its questionable data accuracy.

  • Clearbit

It is another robust B2B data provider that offers you access to its large database. You may prospect for top-notch leads and construct tailored lists using over 100 B2B attributes. Your sales and marketing unit may target the appropriate people at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

Clearbit is an excellent all-around lead-generation tool for organizations of every size and sector. It has a vast database, with over 350 million contacts from more than 40 million businesses. The email validation tool is useful, but the fee structure lacks transparency.

  • DemandScience

This global business-to-business B2B data provider works with businesses to improve their sales funnel. Their predictive insights and precise data help B2B sales and marketing experts find, activate, and transform the appropriate buyers at the appropriate time, allowing them to meet their growth objectives.

DemandScience is a global buyer intelligence leader that accelerates demand generation for the world’s leading software, technology, as well as B2B firms.

The company offers valuable data and targeted buyer insights that link sales and marketing experts with more qualified audiences.

The Bottom Line

Buying a contact list comes with certain risks and unknowns, but if done carefully and strategically, it may pay off by boosting the quantity and quality of your B2B leads list. As a consequence, choosing a business-to-business data source that can assist you in reducing your lead generation efforts is crucial for obtaining successful business outcomes. Rather than getting caught down in the first step of client acquisition, choose advanced business directories that may assist you in focusing your efforts on boosting lead conversion and increasing sales.