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Best Broker Platform — Kraken vs Binance?

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It is the quality of the services offered by the selected company that ultimately determines whether you succeed in trading foreign currency. The best financial partner works only for the client, so be careful when choosing a broker, because you invest your own money in it. Everyday investors try to find the most suitable platform for them. Very many choose the exchange Kraken.

Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It is ranked first in terms of trading volume in the pair BTC/EUR. Kraken managed to gain the trust of users. No successful hacker attacks on the stock exchange were recorded. On Kraken 4 levels of verification are available. The first two levels will take only a few minutes to complete. Higher levels require more time, especially in light of the slow support service. Kraken is an American cryptocurrency exchange. In doing so, the company serves a large number of European users. Kraken has gained the trust of users and has not been seen in the bad things that happen from time to time in the world of cryptocurrencies. The trading platform is rich in technical analysis tools. Commissions correspond to the average market.

But still, which broker to choose, Kraken vs Binance? Also quite popular is Binance. The exchange does not charge a commission for deposits. Exchange fees are among the lowest in the industry, and users can make them even lower. With each transaction on Binance, you pay a commission of 0.1%. Like most other exchanges, Binance charges a withdrawal fee. You will be able to view specific values when you submit a withdrawal request. Some cryptocurrencies are available in multiple versions. To use Binance, you will need an account on the stock exchange. The registration process is straightforward. Several types of trading are offered. Classic trading opens up a simple exchange trading interface with graphics and associated features. Here you can get information about the market, move between trading pairs and make deals in them. There is also advanced trading. In general, it is a modified classic interface, with the same features, but subjectively more convenient.

Both exchanges are worthy to be on the market and be considered popular. But it is worth noting that Binance is more designed for the European audience. While Kraken is suitable for Americans.