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Best Car Covers for SUV (2023 Guide)

Most car owners would instead put in so much effort to maintain the interior while neglecting that the exterior appearance makes you want to keep the car for a long time. Do you know that you’ll be more driven to maintain everything about your car if its appearance continues to look good over time?

Just like every other car, an SUV requires thorough maintenance to prevent it from developing unforeseen issues. These damages usually occur when least expected, and you begin to go out of your way to get them fixed. One easy way out is to protect the outside of the car with a complete exterior cover. By doing that, there’s hardly a chance that damage would make its way into the interiors. 

Car covers are certainly your best shot if you’re ready to join the many SUV owners and adequately care for your SUV by retaining its paint and protecting it against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they are easy to obtain, simple to use, and, most importantly, your finest opportunity to save money since you do not need to “break the bank” to acquire one. 

The only problem you could encounter when purchasing an SUV cover is that there are a lot of products out there, so you are left with one question, “How do I know which car covers are the best for my SUV?”

Consider today one of your lucky days because we will be making it so easy for you as we have already done a thorough research and will be providing you with our top five SUV car covers for 2023 in this article, based on durability, indoor/outdoor functionality, cost, and design features. 

Best Five Covers For SUV 2023

1. Waterproof Car Cover- XYZCTEM SUV Car Cover

The XYZCTEM company does a great job when it comes to producing quality products for automobiles. $119.99 Its waterproof SUV car cover is a high-quality material made of upgraded high heat-resistant 18-layer Oxford cloth, breathable and soft scratch-resistant lining fabric, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, that protects your car all day long. Surprisingly, the cover costs about $119.99, making it relatively less expensive.

It has a high-end design with built-in waterproof double stitching, reinforced triangular straps that are windproof, and an elastic hem at the front and back to properly fit the vehicle.

The car cover fits an SUV Jeep with a length of 173-180 inches. As always, you should carefully measure your car’s dimensions before purchasing to ensure a better fit. It is easy to install and has an additional high-end storage bag*1 to maximize space.

2. Best UV Rays Protection: Seal Skin Supreme SUV Cover


The Seal Skin Supreme SUV Cover is a highly breathable, waterproof car cover. This cover uses a unique material that enhances airflow while guarding against mildew, mold, and harm to your car. This SUV cover is resistant to UV rays and hail.

The Seal Skin Supreme cover has a lifetime guarantee covering tears and rips and waterproof and breathability troubles. It costs around $175. It comes in multiple sizes. It has multiple layers of ultrasonically welded fabric and a built-in elastic hem allowing a snug fit over your SUV.

3. Six Base Layers: Kayme 6-Layer SUV Cover

This Kayme SUV cover guards your SUV car against bad weather conditions. The cover’s six base layers combine polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), making the cover waterproof, sunproof, dirt-proof, and windproof. It has an external aluminum coating that protects your SUV against the sun’s UV rays. The fantastic cover also has front and back straps for added security on windy days and fluorescent strips for improved visibility in low light.

 Kayme 6-layer comes in three different sizes that can extend up to 200.0 inches in length, making it ideal for most SUVs. For example, the Kayme A5 cover could easily fit the popular Honda CR-V. Kayme covers are also typically lightweight, varying from 6.0 to 7.4 pounds, depending on the cover size.

The car cover has a zipper on the driver’s side. Other features include a soft cotton interior, an elastic hem, reflective strips, and a storage bag. Kayme 6-Layer SUV Covers are also very affordable; you could get them for just $70.

4. AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover

The AmazonBasics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover is a low-cost outdoor option for SUVs. The cover offers multi-layered waterproof, sunproof, dirt-proof, and windproof protection with its aluminum, PE, PEVA, and soft cotton layers. It also has front, back, and middle straps to block the wind and give security and an elastic hem for an accurate fit.

The AmazonBasics cover comes in five sizes. It weighs 6.0 to 7.0 pounds and fits vehicles between 184.0 to 218.0 inches. AmazonBasics is less expensive than many other SUV covers. The price ranges between $30 and $35, depending on the size. 

It comes with a storage bag, just like other products.

5. Exceptional Heavy Cover: OxGord Executive Auto Cover

Finally, on our list of the best SUV covers is the OxGord Executive Auto Cover. It provides seven layers of outdoor protection. It guards SUV vehicles against the natural elements. This is likely your best choice for drivers looking for an exceptional heavy cover. 

Oxford Executive Auto cover has an adjustable drawstring hem rather than an elastic hem, making it simple to alter to your taste. It also has an antenna patch kit, a storage bag, and strengthened seams.

The OxGord Executive Auto Cover is also waterproof, sunproof, dirt-proof, and windproof, with a soft interior with mold- and mildew-resistant breathable material. Purchasing it would cost about $70.

2023 Guide to Knowing the Best SUV Car Covers

We are glad you know the top five car covers to protect your SUV and shield it from any harsh elements that may cause the paint to wear off. It is also appropriate that you can spot the best cover at first sight. Below are three essential things to look out for. 


The first thing to consider is the material. Some car covers could look like mere materials. So you have to identify which materials have the best quality.

SUV covers usually come with multiple layers. However, those made for indoor usage may only come with one. Aluminium, PEVA, PE, Cotton, Polyurethane, and Synthetics are the best materials to look out for when getting an SUV car cover.


Now that you have identified the best car cover quality, does it fit your SUV? You need to ensure that the cover fits your SUV from up-down and left right to be sure that you have invested in the right cover that can shield your car from water, dirt, and other particles. 

Usually, manufacturers provide an elastic or adjustable hem to create flexibility around the vehicle. An excessively flimsy car cover could fall off or result in water puddles in unfavorable places. If the cover is too tight, it may not adequately protect the vehicle’s paint.

Added Features

Products that provide bells and whistles stand out against competitors. It would help if you also looked for other features like buckles and clips, Antenna patches, Grommets, Front and rear indicators, and Door zippers at the driver’s side. This time we would advise, “If the car cover doesn’t come with an extra storage bag, “please don’t purchase it!”

In Summary

A car cover is an excellent investment in maintaining and protecting your automobile from the elements or lousy weather conditions. Ensure you adhere to the recommendations provided in this article when acquiring a car cover and if you want your SUV to represent your luxury lifestyle.