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Best Coding Practices in 2023

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Do you know what are the tips for best coding practices? Have you ever thought about which process needs to be followed for best coding practices? Let us gain some knowledge about tips for best coding practices.

But before we start writing about Best code practices, let us first think about the need for Best code practices. And why it is very important to do Best code practices. Let us try to assume one daily life scenario. This will help to understand why we need coding best practices.

Suppose, your teacher provided you with one assignment. In that assignment, you need to calculate the total multiplication of numbers from one to thousand. You need to perform that without using the calculator. And there is no need to write all the things on paper. You need to just provide the answer to the question tomorrow to the teacher.

What will you do in such a case? You can’t able to use a calculator to find the answer.

So, if are a student of computer science, then the approach is very easy. You need to develop one program using any of your favorite programming languages. You need to implement coding best practices. Using programming language you can able to implement a code that will multiply numbers from one to thousand. At last, it will provide an answer for you.

So, from the simple example, we can able to understand the importance of coding best practices. Good coding practices will help a lot in the future. But before we start writing about Good coding practices or the best practices programming. Let us first know what is coding briefly.

What Is Coding/Programming:

Before we know about Good coding practices, we first need to know about coding or programming. Coding or programming is a method to reduce the work pressure on humans. If we need to multiply those numbers from one to thousand manually, then it will be a difficult task. Calculators are also using a kind of programming. Coding is a method by which we can able to solve a large question within a second. Using the help of the computer, we can implement some code.

There are different programming languages are present. The choice of programmer can choose any programming language. Best practices programming is important for implementing the code there. A large size of code is termed programming. You can check out codingzap for coding homework help.From calculating a very small equation to calculating a large one, coding will be used everywhere. From purchasing one online product to booking train tickets, all these happen with the help of programming. The products that are surrounding us, are all an example of coding or programming. Best practices programming helps to develop those things.

List Of Best Coding Practices:

After knowing about coding or programming, it is time to make a list of best coding practices. While writing any program, programmers often made some mistakes there. These mistakes often form serious problems later. While visiting or executing the code in the future, programmers are sometimes not able to recognize the development. due to some mistakes, they are unable to understand the code.

For removing such problems, programmers need to follow the following tips. It will help to do the best coding practices. Let us try to know about them one by one briefly.

  • Always Do Indentation: Indentation is a process that should always be followed. The term “Indentation” means that a program should follow a proper structure. There is some structural guidance for all programming languages. That should be followed. If they are not followed properly, then there will be a problem to understand the code in the future. Always try to make the proper structure of the code. It will help to increase the beautification of the code also. Spaces are most important for making the Indentation.
  • Comment At Every Line: As a programmer, it is very important to provide comments on every line. Comments help to understand the need to implement that line of code. It is also an important tip for best coding practices. If programmers forgot to add a comment to the line inside of the program. Then they need to have a lot of problems understanding the implementation logic of that line. If you are a beginner, then you should add comments. If the line is so easy to implement, then also you need to comment there. It is a Good coding practices.
  • One Statement In A Line: Programmers often write multiple statements in the same line. That is not the correct way to write code. This is also a violation of the Indentation process. We should write each statement in each line. Like in C programming language, in one line, we should write one statement & complete that. In the next line, we should write another statement. It will be the particular format.
  • Short Length Of Statement: Though this is a rare case, we can consider it. If there is a need to write a long statement in a line. Then programmer should write the statement by breaking it into two lines. It means a statement should not be large enough. If it is a large one, then we should write the statement into two or more lines for better understanding. It is best practices programming.
  • Declaration Of Variables: Variables should be declared one at a time. It is advisable to declare all the variables at the beginning of the code. Try not to declare the variable at any point inside the program. Also, some programming language gives a feature to directly declare the variables inside of the loop. But this is also not a good practice. We need to always declare the variables outside of the loop. It is also another tip for doing best coding practices. If you are stuck in your coding task then you can use do my coding homework services by DMCH.


As we saw, it is very important to learn the best coding practices.

Best code practices are the building blocks of the future. If you can able to perform coding best practices, then your future is a bright one.

It is advisable to learn programming languages. Try to use C programming language first. Or you can use any programming language to adopt best coding practices.