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Best Free JSON Validator Online Tools

Due to advancements in technology, the professionals have developed several utilities to make the lives of people easier. Among the most difficult jobs in the world, programming comes in the top list. The coding process isn’t easy to execute, and a little mistake can ruin all the efforts and time put by the programmers. However, web developers have developed advanced tools that are helping people in different walks of life.

Today, JSON is the most popularly used format for exchanging the information between a server and a browser. Before the introduction of JSON, XML was the most widely used format for executing this job. But, due to vagueness and being more verbose, XML got eliminated by JSON. Thus far, JSON is the lightest format, and it is easiest for people to understand as it is coded in human-readable text. However, a small error in JSON can also cause trouble for people.

There is no need to worry as JSON validator is a smart tool available for checking the validity of JSON files. This tool will not only help you know whether your JSON is valid, but it will also notify the mistakes occurring in your JSON. Let’s discuss some of the best online JSON validator tools that you can use without paying a penny.
Top 3 Free JSON Validator Tools

1. SmallSEOTools
SmallSEOTools is the number 1 platform that is providing hundreds of SEO and web tools without charging a penny. All of these tools provide the best quality service and 100% accurate results. JSON validator is also one of its free tools that can be used by anyone around the globe. It provides us multiple options to check the validity of JSON. You can copy-paste the JSON in the box provided, enter JSON URL, or open a JSON file. For any input method, the JSON validator will display results in a matter of seconds.

This website is the best platform for you to find several types of JSON tools that can help you during your work on JSON. Alongside JSON validator, this platform also offers you JSON checker, JSON editor, JSON beautifier, JSON viewer, JSON formatter, etc. The JSON validator on this website will show whether your JSON is valid, instantly. You can use this or any other tool on this site for as many times as you want without facing any restriction. This website doesn’t ask its visitors to get themselves registered first for using the tools. You can start checking your JSON files as soon as you access it.

  1. DupliChecker
    DupliChecker is another online platform with hundreds of smart and advanced tools. Anyone with an internet connection can access this website from any device and start using its tools, including JSON validator. This website also provides the best-quality validity checker for people who are working on JSON codes. The tool on this website can be accessed at any time of the day, and it can be used unlimited times without paying a penny.

That’s it!

These are the best platforms for using a free JSON validator online. All of these tools are top-notch; you can test and start using any one of them to conduct a validity check on JSON files.