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Best Hotels in Singapore to Spend Quality Time With Beloved One

Singapore is a tiny country located in Southern Asia, consisting of up to 5 million people. Even though it has become one of the smallest countries globally, Singapore is full of amazing attractions and becoming the heart of Southeast Asia, which provides global connectivity, especially for the Asia countries, to support the fast-growing markets for the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Singapore also has been titled as the world’s most advanced economies, which have an impact as its existence has over 20 Free Trade Agreements (FTA ) that are important to make the economic cycles grow. 

Because of its existence, Singapore can be said to be a country that is often visited by people who mostly have economic importance. It makes Singapore full of overnights stays that vary in different types. The customers can choose that based on their needs and their wants. In Singapore, you can find many high-end hotels, such as Marina Bay Sands or Fairmont Singapore, that provide and offer excellent customer treatment. Its location which is a strategic location in Singapore, its location makes it well-known by the people.

Here are some best and recommended hotels to spend quality time with beloved ones and get fantastic vacation experiences at least once in your entire life. 

Marina Bay Sands

As it has been mentioned before, Marina Bay Sands is one of the high-end or 5 stars hotels that you can find in Singapore. As you can imagine in your mind, Marina Bay Sands feels like a world paradise. Everything you need is here. Marina Bay Sands has an infinity pool, which is really beautiful. As a guest in Marina Bay Sands, you have free access to entry this gorgeous pool. From this pool, you can see the city of Singapore with a stunning view from above. 

Not only that, Marina Bay Sands also has SkyPark Observation Deck located on the 56th floor of Marina Bay. Be ready with the amazing sky view from above, especially it comes to the night sky. From SkyPark Observation Deck, you can also view the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, one of the world’s largest parks and its Supertree Grove. Don’t forget the blue ocean you can see from Marina South Pier. A bonus for Marina Bay Sands guests, you have free access to entry SkyPark Observation Deck. 

Fairmont Singapore

Spending quality time with your family or beloved one in Fairmont Singapore would be one of the best experiences you will ever have in your entire life. Fairmont Singapore is the greatest choice to have a staycation overnight when you want to escape from the monotonous reality. You will be amazed at the spacious room and sure the private balcony for yourself in each room. From this balcony, you are able to see the beautiful view of Singapore. If you have a plan to go with your kids, it would be staying for free for stays accommodation and breakfast. 

Don’t forget to come to their gorgeous swimming pool on Friday or Saturday because there will be pizza that has been cooked with wood-fired and pasta. What makes it different from other accommodations is, Fairmont Singapore has flexible rules or policies related to their guests’ plans to stay in their place. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have something urgent and want to change the overnight plan in Fairmont Singapore. 

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