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Best League of Legends Discord Server Top X

Discord is the world’s leading online platform that connects gamers and streamers from every corner of the globe through messages and calls. Given that League of Legends is one of the biggest multiplayer games out there, it’s only natural that a significant portion of the player base uses this application to connect and communicate while they play. However, apart from being a tool for voice communication, Discord can also be a stellar place to meet like-minded gamers and new friends with similar interests. To learn more about Discord, the guys from Whop would be a big help.

Turbosmurfs Discord

Over the last few years, this Discord server grew to be one of the most popular high elo League of Legends servers with over 21,000 active users. You will undoubtedly find a topic that interests you, as the server is separated into a wide variety of channels that include everything from general League of Legends talk to discussions about gym and fitness. 

One of the best features of this server is that there are separate find duo channels for every League of Legends server and a lot of players actively meet their new teammates through these channels every day. There are also channels where you can submit your best League highlight clips, share funny memes, and even discuss artwork. In addition, the Turbo staff started hosting InHouse tournament custom games, which allow you to connect with other players while playing in a competitive environment and competing for amazing prizes!


Gamercraft is a popular League of Legends Discord server that mainly operates as a place where players can meet new teammates and enter various tournaments. Upon entering the server, you can personalize details such as your gender, preferred role, and current solo queue rank. All of these details are useful as you can see these details when interacting with other members, which helps you pick out the players you’d like to play with the most. This server is perfect if you’re a small content creator, as there is a channel where you can promote your socials and interact with other content creators. Last but not least, the server is populated by a large number of high elo coaches who offer free coaching sessions through voice channels of the server.

Rift School

If you’re someone whose current focus is to gain more in-depth knowledge about the game, Rift School is the perfect server for you. This server primarily focuses on player improvement in League of Legends and you can find separate channels for discussions on gameplay in every lane from top to support. There are numerous useful aspects of this server for any League player who’s looking to climb and improve, most notably a channel where you can interact with Challenger players and ask them questions about the game. You can also get free coaching and VOD reviews from numerous high elo players that are members of the server. However, Rift School is not only self-improvement orientated though, as there are plenty of fun activities you can partake in, such as music, food, and art discussions.



This server is unique in many ways, with the first special aspect being the method you’re introduced to the server. Before entry, you’re met with a small series of survey questions whose purpose is to determine your interests, your location, and the games you mainly play. The server will be shaped based on the parameters you enter and you’ll be assigned roles that help you find people with similar interests. This server is a perfect place to meet new friends, as there are daily social activities such as movie nights, custom games, and video chats. As far as League goes, there are separate channels where you can look for groups and duo partners as well as voice channels where you can find always people talking about the game and playing.


Much like the name suggests, ARAM Zone is all about finding new players to play and enjoy ARAMs with. The server is divided into several voice and text channels where ARAM enjoyers discuss the state of their favorite game mode and meet new people. Generally, the server is very active and regardless of the time on the clock, there’s someone bound to be playing League and talking in the voice chat. That being said, even though the server is called ARAM Zone, there are plenty of non-ARAM-related activities that take place every day. The server has channels in which players play other game modes such as URF or even other games altogether such as Warframe, Rocket League, or Overwatch. You can also find plenty of social activities taking place every day, such as game quizzes, movie nights, and party games.

LoL Reddit Discord server

You’re probably familiar with Reddit as one of the biggest social platforms out there, but you may have not known about its Discord server. It’s highly personalized in terms of content you’ll be displayed as you go through a small topic survey upon entry. Whether you’re looking for players to play with, eSports news, content for new players, or content that’s not strictly League related, you’re bound to find it on this server. There are text channels and voice channels dedicated to just about any activity related to gaming. Another great aspect of the Reddit server is the fact that it’s very active and boasts over 400.000 joined members.

Tyler1 Alpha Discord

It’s no surprise that one of the best Discord servers is related to one of the most influential League of Legends content creators which is Tyler1. Naturally, his server is full of his fans and community members, but if you’re not a Tyler1 fan you shouldn’t be dissuaded from joining altogether. There is a broad range of discussions in the text channels, ranging from favorite Tyler1 clips clipped by the community to memes and Crypto discussions. You can engage in various entertaining activities such as casino minigames, movie nights, as well as daily tournaments among the fans.

Z League

Z League is one of the most populated Discord servers with over 200.000 members, most of which are League of Legends gamers. This server hosts internal tournaments among the members of the server which are held in a unique format. You compete by playing Summoner’s Rift matches and your statistics such as KDA and win rate all impact your overall score that gets compared to other players who are participating. There are free and paid tournaments, and depending on which one you prefer and how competitive you are, you can either win cash prizes or server points. Additionally, there are plenty of content creators and streamers lurking on this server who share their clips and content in the chat.