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Best Mining Software: How to Start Mining

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One can earn coins in different ways, including mining. This is a complex process of calculations that leads to the appearance of new blocks in proof-of-work-based blockchains. Mining can be done by using special hardware. However, to be more effective, you need to choose the best software that allows you to increase the speed of earning new coins as well as give you the opportunity to mine several tokens simultaneously.

Mining Programs Basics

Such programs are developed with a single purpose: to allow you to mine various cryptocurrencies. To start mining a particular coin or token, you need to have the appropriate hardware and install a special application that is designed for such purposes.

While the range of applications that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies seems abundant, not all of those programs support Bitcoin mining, for instance. Therefore, when choosing particular software, you need to focus on the algorithm. Moreover, most such programs run on particular operating systems only, and they may have specific requirements for mining equipment.

Top Mining Applications

With this broad range of applications, you may have problems trying to pick the best ones. Below you can find a list of the best mining software apps in this field.

GMiner Cuda

This is a free miner software which specializes in Ethereum mining. Apart from ETC, one can use it to mine various tokens such as Beam, Cortex and others using a variety of mechanisms. GMiner works on the Windows operating system. It is compatible with GPU hardware from leading manufacturers. As for CPU mining, this software does not allow such operations. Unlike many of its competitors, GMiner has a simple interface, which allows users with different levels of experience to benefit from it.


This is a special operating system based on Linux. However, MinerOs can also be launched on Windows. The application works with various types of hardware, including the most popular T-rex, GMiner, and others. As for hardware, MinerOS is compatible with the most popular types of GPU, allowing you to use nVidia and AMD devices for these particular activities.

MinerOS provides users with high automation of all processes. One of the features that this program offers is the automatic reboot of the rig in case of overheating.

Claymore Dual

This is another piece of software for mining, allowing users to use various GPU devices and rigs. This miner can be installed on both Windows and Linux operating systems and supports various algorithms, including Lbry, Keccak, etc. With this app, you can effectively mine such cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Decred, and Siacoin. There is also a special dual mining feature that allows you to mine two coins simultaneously.

One of the advantages of this application is that it is optimized for OpenCL, which allows you to be more effective when it comes to Ethereum mining. Another benefit of using Claymore Dual is that it can use combined rigs. Like many other pieces of software in this field, Claymore Dual is free of any charges.