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Best Mobile Games for Air Travel

Back in the days when planes were propeller-powered, and only wealthy people could afford a round-trip ticket, entertainment on a plane was extremely simple – eating like in an expensive restaurant, reading newspapers and smoking cigars with good whiskey, and probably chatting with other respectable people who were flying on the same flight. 

Fortunately, aviation rapidly evolved, and today flights can afford many people. However, the question of what to do on board, as was relevant in the mid-20th century, remains so today. You can do it if you want to play a mobile game on the plane. The main thing is that it does not require an Internet connection. Therefore, our list will not include games like 3 patti play online, as they need a stable internet connection, which is not on the plane.

Here you will see such games as:

  • Limbo;
  • Homescapes;
  • Mortal Kombat and others.


The beauty of Limbo is its grim but eye-catching visual style. Limbo is a puzzle platformer that revolves around a story and solving simple puzzles. Since its release, this game has drastically changed its genre and offered gamers new and exciting ideas. The audience built a lot of theories about the intriguing plot, and the developers warmed people up, not giving direct answers to the questions. Limbo can, in good conscience, be called a fantastic game without the Internet.

Alto’s Adventure

While playing Alto’s Adventure, you can forget about everything in the world and completely surrender to the gameplay. In this game, you take the role of a guy named Alto, who is endlessly moving forward on his snowboard. Unlike other runners, Alto’s Adventure offers you to relax and only occasionally tap on the screen to make the hero jump over the ledges. This game’s eye-catching visual style and beautifully excellent graphics make it stand out. As Alto rides, you can see the scenery in the background, which is strikingly beautiful even through the phone screen. Alto’s Adventure is recommended for everyone, even those far from video games.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

If you have always wanted to play this game but never had the time to do it, then Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the answer. In the game, you will work in your pizzeria and serve customers. For each completed order, you will be paid. In addition, you can get money to improve your establishment and buy new toppings for the pizzas. Orders are many, and hungry customers even more, so use your skills and prove that your pizzeria – is the best in the world. You can even do this challenging but meditative activity without an Internet connection anytime, anywhere.


It is one of the most popular games of the three-in-a-row genre. The full title is divided into levels, and each has a goal: to collect some elements to get stars and open new chapters of the game. The story in the game is told on behalf of Austin, a butler restoring his family home.

The title immediately features a striking visual style and addictive gameplay that will help test your mental acuity. Some mini-games unfold supposedly in Austin’s dreams. They, too, are interestingly executed and addictive. The game also has many clones that try to replicate the success of Homescapes.

Mortal Kombat

The most popular fighting game is sure to be played by many. The Mortal Kombat franchise has been existing for more than 20 years. It has grown together with different games, movies, and other related projects. The authors of Mortal Kombat 10 could not fail to release a version for mobile devices, so the fighting game is free on iOS and Android. It’s the same Mortal Kombat, but only on your smartphone. Of course, there are limitations in graphics and detail. Still, the franchise’s spirit transferred to the phone, the authors have succeeded at all 100. Even the iconic fatalities are there. In addition, the developers have created story chapters for the single-player mode without the Internet.

Dead Cells

This game will suit all fans of roguelikes, action, and platformers. It can be called one of the most excellent games without the Internet. In this title, you will take the role of a character named Nameless – a creature with a glowing eye. Once you start, you will be given a choice of weapons and go on a journey.

The game’s goal is to complete it in one go because, after death, the whole process will go again, but the past locations and the found weapons will change. There are many ways to eliminate enemies in the game, and many bosses you will have to sweat over. The beauty of Dead Cells is its visual style and constantly changing gameplay.

Run Sausage Run

It is a painfully simple ranger that puts you in the role of a running sausage. Players will need to keep moving forward and dodge obstacles that get in the way. Among them – are saws, axes, knives, fire, and more. If the sausage hits one of the obstacles, the entire run will have to start over.

During the game, you can collect coins and various bonuses. The former is needed to change the appearance of the sausage. With bonuses, you can, for example, slow down time or get protection from an obstacle. The game is addictive and bribes you with its simplicity – Run Sausage Run is for everyone.

Fishing Life

If you’ve always wanted to go fishing and take a break from the world but couldn’t find the time, Fishing Life has been invented for you. In this visually impressive game, there is only you, a fishing rod, and a fish. You can catch not only the usual fish but also big sharks and whales. The developers created an excellent sound – you feel as if you are sitting near the sea during the game. With Fishing Life, you can completely relax and immerse yourself in the gaming world. Also, there is a progression system and the option to upgrade your tools. The game is launched without the Internet so you can go fishing anytime and anywhere.

Pocket Build

Our rating “top games without Internet” concludes Pocket Build. All fans of the genre will appreciate this sandbox game. If you have ever wanted to create your fantasy world, Pocket Build will help you. The possibilities of the game are limited only by your imagination. Want to build a giant castle? Go ahead and make it. Have you always dreamed of building a tower or tending a farm? You are welcome! In this game, you can fulfill all your creative ambitions. And the stylish 3D graphics will add aesthetics to the fascinating gameplay.

Most importantly, mastering Pocket Builder is easy; it has no complicated controls or abstruse construction system. Moreover, the authors of the title actively support it and invest more and more in the game to implement their most intimate ideas.