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Best Mournful Telugu Songs That You Need To Hear

There are many songs in the Telugu music industry. All the pieces are not in the same category. In the Telugu industry, you will get many songs among them emotional or mournful song is very hit and viral in India. Also, outside India, This category song is more popular. Numerous songs are most viewed on Youtube. If you want to listen to Telugu mournful songs, then visit naasongs.

In this article, we gave you the best mournful Telugu hit and viral songs. So if you want to listen, then you have to keep your eyes open on this page. Other you will rack out of this page information. In the below passage, we provide you the best song.

  1. Niddura Potunna

The song is collected from the movie name “Nuvve Nuvve” which was released in 2002. The movie was one of the best films at that time. The movie has already released 6 songs, and this mentioned song is one of them. Koti is the music director of the song.

Tarun and Shreya were the actors in this song and the movie too. Also, Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry was the lyric writer of the song. And he is famous for his unique lyric writing. Instead, Chitra was the singer of the song. It is the best and old mournful Telugu song that you will love to hear the music.

  1. Reddamma Thalli

The song is collected from the movie name Aravindha Sametha. It is a successful box office movie that has gained the hearts of millions of people. Moreover, it is the best song for an emotional song lover. If you love to listen to emotional music, then you can listen to this song.

Mohana Bhogaraju is the singer of the song, which has gained 10.6 million views on Youtube. Penchal Das was the song writer of the song under Thaman S. Jr. NTR’s direction, and Pooja Hegde was the leading actor in the movie of the music. You can get the song from many video sharing site and naa songs.

  1. Adiga Adiga

Sid Sriram was the singer of the song, one of the best mournful songs of Telugu movie. There are many mournful songs in the Telugu industry that are euphonious. Among all the music, it is more famous for the emotional or tragic lyrics of the song. The song is from Ninnu Kori’s movie, and the film is full of an emotional scene, a box office hit movie.

In the song, Srijo was the lyric writer, and Gopi Sundar was the song’s music director. According to Youtube, this song has gained 18 million views on Youtube. There is no confusion that it is the best song for the emotional song list.

  1. Very Very Sad

The song is from the Telugu movie “Chal Mohan Ranga”, which is another hit movie. After many throwbacks, it is the best song for an emotional song. Yazin Nizar and Sanjana Kalmanje are the singers of the film. Balaji was the lyric writer of the song, and Thaman S was the music director of the song. Even you can get the song on many sites to download and save the song on your device.