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Best Music Themed Slots

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Music means different things to different people. To some, it’s a means of relaxation, and it’s fun and pleasuring. The solace some find in music is the reason they can never leave it – click this link. Likewise, slot players, some choose slots because of the songs in them and the vibe that comes along with the music. Music in slots brings the game to life combined with the graphics and themes—no wonder some Slots are basically Music themed.

Here’s a list of the Best Music Themed Slots, some of which are named after rock star legends. 

1. Jimi Hendrix Slot

Named after American Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix is this five reels, I0 paylines slot. Jimi had a short musical career by the way,  but an impactful one. This game is super packed with the best of rock songs you can ever find. Although the slot may be famous for its numerous in round bonuses, it’s also renowned for its music.

2. Michael Jackson King Of Pop Slot

Michael Jackson was not just a singer, and he was a world-renowned singer. One that brought tears on billions of people’s ears the day he died. The world stopped for MJ when he died. Playing this game will give you Michael Jackson’s vibe. Some of the Legend’s popular songs were infused into the game. The following four songs are featured in this slot.

o   Billie Jean

o    Criminal

o    Diana

o    Beat it

3. Gun N’Roses Slot

This game came with all the juicy songs that any slot player would love. Even the game was themed after a Rockband live show. Net Ent never settles for less anyways, so think about what you’ll find as music in the game. With this, a player is guaranteed both beautiful melodies and wins. You can select your preferred song from the various ones that the game is programmed with, you’ll only need to make a choice.

4. Motörhead Slot

Motör head is a Net Ent programmed slot, and it’s themed after Motörhead, a UK rock band of the  Mid ’70s. The game itself has a background of the band members. Lemmy, Phil, Mikkey, Campbell, Eddie, Brian, Wurzel, Lucas, Larry and Pete. Some of the songs the band was famous for, featured in this game and players can switch to rock mode to enjoy them. Overkill, Motorhead, Iron fist, Killed by death, Bomber, are some of the songs you’ll enjoy.

A few things are common to Music Themed Slots.

  • Name: They’re usually named after successful and popular artistes. Rock, Jazz or any other genre of music.  Michael Jackson King of Pop, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix Slot, Gun N’Roses, Motörhead, etc.
  • Music: These slots feature popular songs from these Artistes; they may even feature the artistes playing it themselves. Songs that they know people will love. They’re programmed that way.

Imagine listening to Billie Jean while smashing and making hits, that will be a superb experience. However, these slots also have features that standard slots will have, but the music makes it different.