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Best Php Development Companies in USA 2023

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The demand for PHP development services has grown rapidly in recent years. Businesses of all sizes looking to create dynamic websites and web applications. This surge in demand is primarily due to PHP’s flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Making PHP an attractive option for businesses looking to ensure scalability in their workflows. 

As a result, there has been a surge in the number of PHP development companies in the USA. Because they offer a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, and e-commerce development. To reduce the hustle, here are a few of the best PHP development companies in the USA.

IKONIC: Web Development Company USA

With a proper 5-star Clutch rating IKONIC is one the leading PHP development company in the USA. They are powered by more than 100 veteran web developers that also happen to be industry specialists due to a multitude of industry experiences. IKONIC has been operating in the USA for almost a decade. They have served the following industries:

1- Logistics and Transportation

2- Wedding and Event Planning

3- Online Education 

4- ERPs for Corporates

5- CRMs for Agencies

Moreover, their selling point has always been the quality of the digital solutions that they provide. Being a powerhouse of web development they have a sweet spot for thinking out of the box. From pushing the limits of WordPress by using different PHP libraries to developing APIs in different technologies to centralize various tools. IKONIC has been doing wonders using PHP in its tailor-made solutions. Other than PHP following are the technologies that they have a good grasp on:

1- Laravel Development

2- WordPress Development

3- CodeIgnitor Development

4- CakePHP Development

5- Yii Development 

On top of all the IKONIC goodies they also offer their clients the pocket-friendly services of outsourcing developers on subscription and hourly models. They take huge advantage of their humongous dev force and always keep a dedicated PHP developer ready to be deployed for a project. Since they are backed by seasoned web developers the team works as one whole while providing one dedicated developer laser-focused on a single project. This elevates the overall productivity of the project while ensuring the success of goals. 

Headquarters: Miami Florida, USA.

Founded in: 2015

Employees: 100+


Graffers ID is an Indian company that helps businesses get the growth of their dream by augmenting their staff. They are an outsourcing company based in Indore. GraffersID primarily works with Web Development projects. But they have also gained hefty experience in Mobile App Development and UI/UX designs. 

Headquarters: Indore, India. 

Founded in: 2015

Employees: 50+


Hailing from Maryland Simpalm is a group of developers that is proud of their Mobile App Development services. Moreover, they have also deployed a few projects in which hefty PHP development hustle can be seen. Optimizing solutions for small businesses has been their forte. Their niche can be defined as Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Javascript, React, PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, AWS, Azure, AI/ML, and ChatGPT.

Headquarters: Maryland, USA. 

Founded in: 2009

Employees: >50

Dev Technosys

From the state of California and the city of Commerce, Dev Technosys has been doing marvels in terms of app development. Though their forte has been app development their experience extends to Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, React JS, React Native, and Node.js Development, Laravel,  PHP. 

Headquarters: California, USA.

Founded in: 2010

Employees: 50-80

The NineHertz

NineHertz is another web and app development company headquartered in India but operates in 7 other locations. Serving their clients with pitch-perfect Mobile app development services. If we zoom in on their services their prior services would be Mobile App Development, Blockchain, and eCommerce Development. 

Headquarters: California, USA.

Founded in: 2010

Employees: 50-80

Which One Is The Best Php Development Company In The US?

When it comes to selecting the best company from the top 5 PHP development Companies, the decision ultimately lies with you and your specific needs. To find the perfect match, it’s important to identify your requirements and the challenges you’re facing, such as time-consuming repetitive tasks. By listing these issues, you can easily create a requirements document to ensure the chosen company meets your needs.

Collaborating Time Zones:

Additionally, it’s important to schedule a meeting to discuss the timeline for solution development. It’s crucial to ensure that all tasks can realistically be completed within the proposed timeline. However, unexpected events can delay timelines, so it’s essential to plan for these possibilities.

Finding The Good Price Spot:

Pricing is another key factor in selecting the best web development company. It’s important to shop around and schedule multiple meetings with top development companies to understand their pricing mechanisms and negotiate rates. Avoid simply hiring the cheapest option and instead focus on the company that offers the most value for your investment.