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Best Place to Add Extra Large Rugs in Your House

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This is a question we get asked all the time, and the truth is that it’s something of universal truth. In our modern world, where so many people have so much space to fill, there’s no shortage of people looking to cram as many rugs into their homes as possible. But what if you don’t want to do it permanently? What if you’d rather have a rug in your home as part of its original design rather than an afterthought? If you follow interior design magazines or check out the interiors of websites dedicated to luxury home decor, you’ll know that adding rugs to existing house designs is nothing new. But the practices used for this purpose can be anything from kooky (the Rug Doctor!) to downright ridiculous (Rug People!) . . . but they all have one thing in common:

They’re all over the map! To give you some idea of where we are today, here are 6 places where big rugs have been added to homes without ruining them:

Beauty spot: The master bath.

Many people, when faced with the prospect of a large, luxurious rug, think about the master bath first. But it’s not just the master bathroom that can benefit from a large, luxurious rug – the master bedroom, the living room and the family room are some of the most important rooms in the house.

Living room with a view.

The living room is the place to be when you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s and you’re looking for a big, bold statement piece. It can be hard to spot the theme when you first move in, but as the house ages and the walls get older, so will the room’s decor. What was once bright and airy in one room may turn into a moody, shadowy corner in another. But there are plenty of ways to make a living room look continental and elegant when you add a rug to the room’s perimeter.

Bedroom with a view.

It’s no secret that bedrooms are where we sleep, and bedrooms have always been the most popular room in the house to achieve with a large, luxurious rug. But what about the master bedroom? What about the guestroom off the master bedroom?

Bedroom rugs aren’t just for sleeping in, they can also be used as a conversation piece. If you have a large, ornate, painted or otherwise interesting rug in the master bedroom, it may just give the room a classic, elegant feel that works well with the rest of the house.

Fancy living room seating.

Not only is a large, luxurious rug the perfect addition to the living room, it can also be used as the perfect addition to the dining room as well. Often there are only so many places to sit in a large living room, so a dining room table may get pushed to the wall or floor. A large, comfortable rug gives the room a more three-dimensional feel, making it easier to seat lots of people at once. This can be especially helpful for larger families.

An old house at its best!

When you add a large, luxurious rug to an old house, you’re essentially adding character to an otherwise bland space. The old house, which may have served as a home for generations, suddenly feels like it has purpose again. It may even bring up some family history, as some rugs are made by hand and are hand-me-down gifts.

Family room with a view.

The family room is often the most overlooked room in the house, and it can be hard to see what’s in it when you first move in. But when you add a large, luxurious rug to the perimeter of the room, it instills a sense of grandeur and importance that can really make an old house feel like home.

Dining room seating.

When you add a large, luxurious rug to your dining room, it can suddenly make the room seem much larger than it truly is. This makes it easier for people to sit down at once and have a conversation or dinner party without having to squeeze around too many tables or chairs.

Dining table seating.

The dining table is often overlooked as well because there are only so many places to seat people at once in any given dining room. A large, luxurious rug adds another element of comfort and style to an otherwise boring dining space – not only does this make it easier for more people to eat together at once, but also gives the space a more elegant feel that might not have been there before.

Family room seating.

A large, luxurious rug in the family room expands the space and makes it feel more open and larger than it is. This is especially true if your family room has a fireplace or other focal point, as this will make the space feel even bigger.

Kitchen seating.

The kitchen is often the place where the space gets cut up and divided into a number of small areas. A large, luxurious rug in the kitchen expands this space and makes it feel more open and inviting so that people can gather there for dinner parties or simple meals without having to worry about getting their feet wet.


The best place to add extra large rugs in your house is right where they’re needed the most: in the most used room in your house. If your home has a large family (or even a large group of friends living in it), a large living room or even a large dining room could do with a large, luxurious rug.

And remember: No two rugs are ever the same. The perfect room for a classic, oversized rug is another story, but the possibilities are end