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Best Platform for Learning Blockchain in 2022

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Experts have pointed out that blockchain technology can help in creating new revenue streams with cryptocurrency and digital asset solutions. The global spending on blockchain solutions was around $5.3 billion in 2021. Interestingly, the same number could grow up to $34 billion by 2026. The high potential of blockchain technology and the market growth suggest vital reasons to learn blockchain and build your career in the technology. 

As different sectors such as banking, telecommunication, retail, consumer goods, and governance work on adopting blockchain, the need for blockchain professionals would increase. Check out the blockchain developer salary. Are you prepared for a career as a blockchain professional? The following discussion helps you learn about one of the best platforms for learning blockchain.

How to Find the Best Blockchain Training and Certification Portal?

The applications of blockchain have been entering almost every other space dominated by conventional technologies. For example, blockchain is actively implemented in use cases of supply chain transparency, creator monetization, and grant funding. On top of it, innovative applications of blockchain in the DeFi space and non-fungible tokens also create the necessity for learning blockchain. However, it is quite difficult to choose a blockchain academy that can offer everything you need for building blockchain expertise. Why? 

The popularity of blockchain technology has spurred a huge collection of training courses and certifications on various platforms such as the CCI certification program! At the same time, you can also find platforms dedicated specifically to blockchain training and certifications. Is there any such platform? 101 Blockchains turn up as the most plausible answer for this question. The unique traits of 101 Blockchains can show you why it is the best platform to learn blockchain in 2022.

  • Comprehensive Collection of Learning Resources

The first thing you can notice in 101 Blockchains is the assortment of best blockchain courses on significant topics. You can find training courses for different blockchain-related topics and concepts in a clearly organized list. 101 Blockchains offers training courses for varying levels of expertise of learners. 

Therefore, you can find fundamental-level courses on enterprise blockchain as well as complete Ethereum technology courses for professionals. The interesting benefit of 101 Blockchains is that you can find every course you need for learning blockchain in one place. 

  • Practical Professional Certifications

The next important highlight of 101 Blockchains would point to the collection of blockchain certification courses it has to offer. You would find professional blockchain certifications on the platform, such as CEBA, CEBP, and CBSE certifications. The certifications help candidates prepare for specific enterprise blockchain professional roles. In addition, you can also notice the new additions in the certifications by 101 Blockchains as another plausible advantage for your career. The certifications for NFT and metaverse can turn a new page in the skill development of candidates for web3 technologies. 

  • Additional Learning Resources

The credibility of 101 Blockchains not only rests in providing blockchain course online but also in the facility of additional learning resources. You can find Masterclasses on various innovative topics such as zero knowledge proofs and CBDCs with 101 Blockchains. 

The collection of Masterclasses is an ideal option for blockchain practitioners to hone their practical expertise. On top of it, the blockchain training and certification courses also feature access to webinars and interviews with industry experts. Basically, you can find every bit of information you need to develop theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain technology.

  • Expert Training and Support

The best blockchain courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains feature top instructors in the relevant field. You can rely on the course content created by instructors to develop your expertise in the concerned topic. The instructors offer engaging video lectures, which can help in ensuring an effective learning experience for everyone. 

You can find demos and whiteboard exercises for topping your learning outcomes with practical insights. Most important of all, the module reviews and interactive exercises in the training courses and certifications by 101 Blockchains can help reinforce the lessons you learned. 

Final Words

The final overview regarding the best platform for blockchain certification courses and training in 2022 shows a productive bet with 101 Blockchains. As a pioneer in blockchain training and certification, 101 Blockchains has garnered considerable popularity in the field of blockchain education and research. The training courses and certifications in the blockchain academy of 101 Blockchains showcase active proof of the provider’s excellence. 

On top of it, the comprehensive coverage of different topics and concepts in the training courses and certification courses helps learners. Most important of all, the courses and certifications on new technologies such as metaverse and NFTs can prepare learners for future advancements. Review the different courses and certifications you can find on 101 Blockchains.