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Best Poker Movies for a Friday Night


Gambling is very popular today. In fact, it has been popular since its first appearance. Today, thanks to the existence of legal online casino in Canada, gambling is available to everyone interested with enhanced flexibility and simple access. You no longer have to visit a casino now. All you have to do is find the fastest payout online casino and play a thrilling Poker game there.

Because of the thrill and popularity, you can also find many poker movies to watch. You can watch them for inspiration, to learn some tricks, or to fill your movie night with an exciting film story. Here are the best poker movies of all times to watch on a Friday night.

“Stuey” (2003)
“Stuey” is an alternate title of the popular movie called “High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story.” This is an incredible movie based on a true story. It features Michael Imperioli in the role of Stuey, a teenage card prodigy that turns into a renowned superstar in the gambling world.

“All In: The Poker Movie” (2009)
The second choice in this list is a documentary that has become one of the grandest poker films of the century. “All In: The Poker Movie” tells a story about the Poker game from its beginnings down the Mississippi to the aftermath of Black Friday. It will uncover the nodes of the popular Doyle, Amarillo Slim, Nick the Greek, and Moneymaker. In this movie, you’ll learn about the development of the Poker game from an entertainment for scam artists to a renowned casino game for megastars.

“Lucky You” (2007)
Next is “Lucky You,” an American drama starring Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana, and Robert Duvall. The story takes place in Las Vegas and has been inspired by The Only Game in Town movie by George Stevens.

On the screen, you’ll watch the story of Bana in the role of Huck, a young poker player who gambles in Las Vegas, haunted by his bad relationship with Duvall, a two-time champion at the World Series of Poker tournament. Barrymore takes the role of an aspiring singer that Huck meets at a party after a great night at the Bellagio poker room.

“The Grand” (2007)
Zak Penn has directed an improve comedy with an amazing cast that includes Ray Romano, Chris Parnell, and Woody Harrelson. His movie is styled after the movies of Christopher Guest, which means that the actors improvise their scenes. The focus of this movie is an exciting poker tournament played in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget casino.

“Poker King” (2009)
Something slightly different – a Hong-Kong based comedy film called “Poker King” is definitely something to put on your watchlist. According to Chinese players, the fate of a person is pre-determined from the beginning, same as the cards dealt in a Texas Hold-em game. In this movie, you’ll watch the gaming duel of a small-time crook that turns into casino magnate, and a scion of powerful gaming clan called Jack.

“Smart Money” (1931)
The oldest, yet still one of the best poker movies of all times is “Smart Money,” a pre-Code drama film produced by Warner Bros. This is the only movie made by collaboration between Robinson and Cagney, the two leading actors that portray gangsters.

There you have them – the six most amazing poker movies of all times! Turn on your Netflix, search for them, and immerse yourself in some of the best stories in the casino world. These movies will teach you a lot about the game and the players, not to mention impress you with the great acting and features.

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