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Best Roulette Strategies

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The roulette is a very famous game for players all around the globe, as it is very fun and also at first glance doesn’t seem to require much effort from the player and many people tend to think all there is to it is luck. But the truth is that a variety of roulette strategies can be applied on the roulette  to help improve one’s winning odds. Of course the chances won’t grow exponentially but as it goes with every game, the more prepared you are for it the greater your overall performance will be and in this case as your money is on the line, you will win more and lose less.

Columns Roulette Strategy

The columns roulette strategy relies on an outside bet combined with a bet on red or black. 

This particular strategy doesn’t require much planning and it is simple to use for everyone as long as they can remember the three available columns and the numbers included:

  1. 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34 (6 black , 6 red)
  2. 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35 (8 black , 4 red)
  3. 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33, 36 (4 black , 8 red)

Looking at the three columns mentioned in case we want a mix bet with a black or red wager it’s clear that we should use the 2nd column for a bet on black and the 3rd column for a bet on red. As for the 1st column because there is a 50/50 chance to get either black or red it’s better to combine with a progressive system.

Red and Black Betting Strategies

The red and black bets are extremely common among new players since they are very easy to follow and don’t have complicated rules. However this is not the only valid strategy for the roulette, there are plenty of strategies that don’t work using solely red and black wagers.

In case this is your first time learning about red and black bets we will start with a basic explanation of how these work.

A red or black wager on the roulette is usually considered a beginner friendly way to play since you don’t have to worry about actual numbers , solumns, dozens and streets. Placing your stake on the color that you think the ball will land is all it takes and since we have 18 black slots and 18 red slots chances are 50/50 and so for each win your initial stake is doubled. This strategy is great for beginners and people with limited budget as it allows for a single bet to be made instead of other strategies that can require up to 12 different bets on various number combinations.

Dozens Betting Strategy

Like the column strategy, the dozens betting system is made up of three dozens of 12 numbers to place your wager on. Excluding the zero on the table, the 36 numbers are split into 3 dozens. These dozens can be identified by looking for the 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 spots on the layout.

  1. From 1 to 12
  2. From 13 to 24
  3. From 25 to 36

The main difference compared to the roulette wheel strategy involving columns is that each dozen contains an equal number of red and black numbers. There are multiple ways of betting on dozens. You can do it as a straight bet or by mixing other bet types with it.

Six Number Roulette Strategy

Continuing our pursuit for the optimal roulette betting strategy, we encounter some high risk high reward systems. The idea behind the six number roulette strategy is to pick any combination on the table. Placing such a bet will reward you with a 5/1 payout which is already very appealing on its own, these are the possible combinations of six number bets.

  • 1 to 6
  • 4 to 9
  • 7 to 12
  • 10 to 15
  • 13 to 18
  • 16 to 21
  • 19 to 24
  • 22 to 27
  • 25 to 30
  • 28 to 33
  • 31 to 36

Since in every casino there are 36 numbers on a roulette wheel, you’ll get a total of 11 six-number combinations. Just like the previous strategy, you can either pick one group of six numbers and combine it with a progressive system, or go with two sockets of six numbers to improve your winning chances.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

This is a very famous James Bond roulette strategy that was displayed in the “Casino Royale” blockbuster. The strategy used by 007 is actually a flat betting system, meaning that you will keep the same bet value for each hand. It goes as follows: 

  • Place a $15 bet on 19-36
  • A $5 bet on the six number socket from 13 to 18
  • And a $1 bet on 0

At first glance it looks pretty and has a lot of appeal thanks to the association with the world’s greatest secret agent, but it is by no means fail-proof. In the long run, this system doesn’t cancel the house edge and it translates into losses no matter how well it may seem you are doing. 

Tier Betting Strategy

Lastly we have the most complicated strategy. It can be the most successful roulette strategy but requires a lot of experience and patience to apply. The way it works is you split the roulette wheel into various tiers like the following example.

  1. The voisins – 22,29,18,28,7,35,12,3,26,32,0,19,15,21,4,25, and 2
  2. Zero play – 22,3,35,26,32,0,15
  3. Du cylindre (the opposite of the voisins) – 33,16,5,24,23,20,30,8,11,13,36,27
  4. Orphelins – 9,31,20,14,1 on one side and 34,7,6 on the opposite side. 

Ideally before applying the tier betting strategy spend some time figuring out a pattern regarding where the dealer frequently lands the ball in order to know which tier to pick.

Doing so will allow you to mix the tier bets to improve your winning chances or combine one tier with a progressive system.