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Best SEO Tips To Promote Your New Website In 2021

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Nowadays search engines are used by people all over the world to find anything that comes up in their minds. This means that regardless of what your business has to offer, your target audience is most probably looking for products or services like yours on search engines like Google. And if you want to attract as many visitors to your website as possible, you should understand that SEO-marketing is critical for your business. You also have a promotional tool to utilize courtesy of best free press release sites.

As an example, let’s assume that my TV is broken. I do not want to look for the best service and browse many sites. I want to find one service that is nearby, from where a specialist will quickly come and fix everything. What are my actions? I type in Google a request for repair of TVs + my area and in the search results I see several companies with reviews, addresses and phone numbers. So how is it possible to achieve higher rankings and visibility in the search engine, so we select exactly this service to call for a repairman.

Let us talk about some of the tips in the SEO strategy.

  1. Make sure that your company contact information is up-to-date and placed in directories that are most relevant to your field of activity. Start with the creation and verification of your business account at Google My Business. It is a prerequisite for attracting local users and growing positions in local search results. Together with the verification checkbox, you get 25% of the ranking factors. In addition, the presence and activity of the company in Google My Business is an additional signal of Google’s ranking, and also inspires trust among more users.
  2. Optimize information about your company in catalogs by adding a unique description of your activity in each of them. 
  3. If you launch a new website, think of your website SEO checklist to make sure everything is done correctly before your site gets to Google index. 
  4. Add a meaningful page with contextual information and a Google map to your website. Branches of the company should also be equipped with maps and detailed contact information, preferably on separate pages.
  5. Optimize the content on your site for local queries, by using relevant keywords.
  6. Ask for reviews. Not many customers like to express opinions on purchased products by spending their time on this. Therefore, you should ask them about it on the website or in the email that will catch up with your customer after the purchase. You can add bonuses for reviews, then people will write them more often. If there are no reviews on the website yet, you can order a couple of them from copywriters, because customers are more effective at leaving reviews where there is already text.
  7. Always respond to negative reviews. A website with a complete absence of negativity is perceived by the user as a platform, which was perfectly edited by its owner. If you received bad reviews, you should apologize to clients for the oversight and offer them possible solutions to the problem. You can also ask them to note in the comments below the feedback that the issue has been resolved and indicate how exactly.