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Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Apps

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The world has become very fast-moving, and the pace of life has accelerated sharply. With all the hustle and bustle around, people simply don’t have enough time to read large blocks of texts and watch long – lasting videos. What to say about poor sports lovers… Imagine that you have been waiting for the Super Bowl for months, but when this happy day finally  comes, you simply don’t have enough time or energy to watch the live translation. And tomorrow, you get to work, catching endless spoilers about the best moments of this Super Bowl. But it’s better seen than heard! So, to avoid getting into such situations, you can wake up in the morning and watch a sports highlight video to at least stay on topic.

Or imagine the opposite situation: you are going to watch the Super Bowl and want to create a sports highlight video either to watch it later or share it with people (maybe with the ones from the example above) on social networks. Or perhaps you are a school athlete, willing to get a college scholarship. So, you may also need to create a highlight video to demonstrate your abilities to the fullest. 

This way, many people are willing to know how to make a highlight video. And here is where highlight video editing apps come to their rescue.

Top 3 Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Apps

1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is considered to be the best all in one solution for professional video makers. No wonder it is considered Hollywood’s #1 post-production tool. It is compatible with both MacOS and Windows and has numerous features, ranging from time remapping and multicam to motion tracking and proxy editing. However, the main technology it is known and appreciated for is its high-end color grading tool. This way, if your video needs a pop of color, DaVinci Resolve is at your service. Another great thing about it is that its free version allows you to export videos without watermarks on them. So, the free version may be said to have everything necessary (and even more) for most enthusiasts. The paid DaVinci Resolve Studio version will be more useful  for professional videographers, as it offers several advanced features, like noise removal, motion blur, elastic wave audio retiming, and much more. Also, the Studio version makes multi user collaboration possible, allowing several teams to work on the same project simultaneously. You can buy the Studio version with a single payment of 295$.

So, whether you are an amateur who wants to create a sports video for their YouTube channel or a representative of a film studio, you can use DaVinci Resolve to your advantage. But you should keep in mind that this app may be challenging for complete beginners. Of course, there are numerous DaVinci tutorials to help you master it, but still, the road can be pretty tough.

2. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is Cyberlink’s top-notch video editing software which will definitely make your sports highlight videos fantastic. Being available on both Mac and PC,  it has a number of features that automatically transform it into a super cool sports video editing tool. With PowerDirector, you can stabilize shaky videos, adjust video speed, customize motion graphic titles, track moving objects, etc. The latter is particularly useful for sports videos, as in this app, you simply can click “track”, and PowerDirector will do the rest of the job for you.  Also, it provides its users with access to thousands of customizable video intros that will definitely make the editing process easier. But still, videos created in the free version will see a PowerDirector watermark on them. To get rid of it, you should download the paid version of the app.

Unlike DaVinci Resolve, this one has a more understandable interface and is much easier to use. So, PowerDirector will be a perfect choice for those who only start their video editing journey. 

3. Filmora

Filmora is Wondershare’s video creation and editing app. It also has both Windows and Mac versions. Just like PowerDirector, the free version allows users to export videos with a Filmora watermark only. It has all the video editing features a person may need, like auto refrain, color correction, key framing, and much more. Plus, it gives access to numerous online video templates. No doubt with this incredible software, you will definitely be on the crest of a video editing wave.

Many professional video editors praise Filmora for its speed ramping feature, which will definitely be useful for sports highlight video editors. You can easily slow down or speed up your videos like in Hollywood movies. Due to the software’s clear interface, this can be done in a matter of seconds. Not all video editing apps can boast of that!

All in all, Filmora is said to be a perfect mixture of professional tools and user-friendliness. This is an ideal software for beginners to set out on their first independent video editing adventure.   

In reality, the number of sports highlight video editing apps is huge. The three mentioned above are the ones that have proved themselves to be among the best ones in the video editing niche.  

But you may have made up your mind to create your own sports video editing software. Building such an app from scratch can be both time- and cost-consuming. However, there are pre-made video editing SDKs and APIs that can help you create your app much faster. 

SDK Features for Your Sports Highlight Video Editing App 

Banuba’s Video Editor SDK is a great choice for turning your product into the best sports highlight video editing app. It provides basic features, like video and time effects, trimmer, color filters (LUT), background swap, and many others. Its face AR masks are very realistic, while its effects will impress even the most picky users. Also, the product is cross-platform and supports both iOS and Android. You can use it on the devices starting from iPhone 5S and 80% of Androids. FullHD is also available. But the really good news is that it can be integrated into your project within several days. 


So, if you are willing to make your own best app for making highlight videos, feel free to use any editor and use any API or SDK tools to deliver a unique video editing experience to your users.