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Best Tripod for Real Estate Photography

View for DSLR CamerasTop 10 Best Tripods for DSLR Cameras for all budgets and purposes.

Photographs have a very important part to play in real estate marketing to attract customers. Some prefer to showcase every minute detail in the images but that is not enough. The image must be visually pleasing and eye-catching.

To make the photograph aesthetically pleasing using the best tripod for real estate for photography would do a great job! If you are a beginner and not sure of which tripod to use then the guide below will definitely help. Though the models and brands do not differ majorly, some essential aspects must be considered before the final purchase.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Tripod for Real Estate Photography

If you want to buy the best tripod for real estate photography to capture on-point images then you should look up for the following features.

When it comes to buying new products the first thing to consider is the durability factor. Because of the transient nature of real estate work, you must seek for a tripod that can withstand any kind of environment and pressure.

You might need different perspectives to capture the area. This calls for height adjustments and variety in keeping the camera at a natural eye-level for better results. Thus, it would be beneficial to opt for a tripod with variation in its height adjustments and has an extendable center column.

The basic function of a tripod is to provide stability and professional handling which is not possible by holding the camera bare hands. It would be of no use to buy the tripod with a weak standing stance. So, always look for its stability capacity as it can help in getting desired outcomes.

Being a real estate photographer requires to move from one property to another. To make the transportation convenient, prefer buying the tripod with lightweight. Also, some tripods come with folding legs; it would be easy to put them in your backpack.

*Weight Ratio
Weight capacity can upgrade your whole photography system. Depending on its load capacity, you shall be able to use massive cameras and lens which is actually useful to have a professional photography session. Therefore, always get a tripod that can support at least 1.5 times more weight than your camera.

After considering all the aforementioned features we have short-listed following of the products for you to choose.

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Being most versatile and ideal for real estate photographers, the VILTROX VX-18M has lots of features to offer. They come with a tilt range between -75° – +90°. Also, they are capable of panning a full 360° which makes it perfect for taking panorama images.

Despite being affordable, its height ranges from 33″-74″, so you can be creative with perspectives as much as you want. Moreover, the aluminum alloy body makes this tripod extremely strong and with the help of metal mid-spreader, the legs do not move once positioned. To avoid tripod from slipping, rubber horseshoes are added to the feet.

As far as the weight capacity is concerned, it can bear weight up to 13.2 lbs. With the help of its ball head with a 60mm diameter, you can actually level the head without adjusting the legs.

2. Orion 5378
Available at an affordable price, the Orion 5378 features tribrace center and rubber-spiked feet. Furthermore, it has the ability to work as a heavy-duty tripod. Its lever locks and graduated marks make set up quick and easy.

For smooth, controlled movements, this tripod offers a fluid pan head with adjustment knobs. It is composed of aluminum-tube legs which make it sturdier and strong.

3. SLIK Pro-700
The SLIK Pro-700 is highly recommended by professional photographers. This tripod is manufactured with a combination of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium alloy which adds up to its steadiness. Furthermore, the relative product can reach a maximum height of 75 inches. Along with that, it comes with the 3-way pan-head includes a quick release which helps in easy handling of the camera.

The best thing about this tripod is that can withstand weight up to 19.8 lbs. When folded, the tripod has a minimum height of 29.9 inches.

Photographing for real estate marketing can be really tricky as all the focus and attention can be attained basically from the pictures shown to the customers. To make the marketing successful, the right kind of photography tools must be used. After buying the professional camera, the next thing you need to focus on is purchasing the best tripod for real estate for photography.

Here you will find a guideline to select the best tripod on your own. However, if you still find difficulty in doing that, you can also check the enlisted products. And you can check out this guide on real estate photography, which focuses on mastering the art for beginners in 2019.