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Best Ways to Learn Golang for Beginners in 2023

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Golang was published in 2012, making it a relatively new language compared to competitors like Python, which was released almost two decades earlier. However, Golang has managed to remain ahead of the competition as a language that is not only favored by businesses but also by programmers.

To be a Golang developer, one must have a solid knowledge of the Go programming language itself, as well as all of its tools and frameworks, and it can be gained by Devhubby, one of the well-known Golang Forum. Testing and debugging are common tasks for Go programmers. Golang developers often need a broad range of additional skills, the most prevalent of which is:

    • Familiarity with design patterns used in application development
  • Working knowledge of Git
    • Knowing And understanding DevOps principles and practices
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Shell and Perl
  • Javascript, SOAP, REST, or Microservices Webservices

But what’s the best way to learn Golang for beginners?

Best ways to learn Golang for beginners 

Some best ways to learn Golang as a beginner are as follows in 2023:

1. Learn Go the interactive way

Researchers and students confirm the effectiveness of interactive learning, which is why interactively studying Golang online is one of the most effective methods. Its clever usage of a browser-based coding portal makes the practice of coding methods seem natural.

In the Go Mastery course, you will learn fundamental and advanced programming techniques such as constructing a local Go environment, multitasking, and unique data types. The icing on the cake is that everything is oriented toward finding you a job. In addition to gaining the necessary hands-on experience, you will also have access to Go interview preparation and learn how to ace your next interview.

2. Learn Go the freeway

There is always the option of studying Golang for free if you’re unsure about investing money just yet.

Before investing, this is an excellent opportunity for prospective new programmers to have a taste of coding and the computer science business, in general, to see whether it’s a good match. It is also valuable for experienced programmers who need a refresher on Golang fundamentals.

The simplest method to learn Golang for free is via freeCodeCamp, a non-profit whose purpose is to enable anybody who wants to learn how to code, regardless of their circumstances. 

You will get access to over 8,000 free Golang lessons, projects, and guidelines that will help you become a Golang programmer. Additionally, their video courses are connected with YouTube, allowing you to view all videos without advertisements!


3. Learn Go your own way

Some individuals prefer to go on the cleared route, while others prefer to use a chainsaw to clear their own route. If you relate with the second individual, forging your own route may be the greatest approach to learning Golang from Golang Forum.

If organized syllabi and instructors irritate you, use YouTube or the Golang docs for an unstructured collection of materials covering everything from foundations to advanced subjects. 

There are hundreds of specialized coding channels on YouTube, including programmers who have committed many hours to provide us with the material. One added library of Queue implementation in Golang is also on youtube on many tech channels.

Tech with Tim is a recognized YouTube channel with around 20 Golang-centric videos. They are all around 20 minutes in length, making them ideal for any lifestyle. I really enjoy Tim’s real-world knowledge of the coding industry, so you get terrific advice in addition to wonderful information.

All of his Go videos were produced lately, so you do not need to worry about acquiring obsolete ideas and techniques.

4. Learn Go the fast way

Since Golang is a freely available open-source programming language, there are many open-source projects for you to participate in. This is the quickest approach to learning Golang since you’ll be thrust right into the action, so to speak, and will have to quickly grasp the implementation of ideas. Furthermore, it speeds up training your mind into a programmer’s mindset.

The hosting code site GitHub is ideal for this kind of education. It’s a haven for programmers, with a wealth of interesting and helpful projects to work on and active communities to join for advice on fixing bugs and learning new techniques.

Pick something that will help you out in the long run. For instance, choosing a task-facilitating function to automate is a good example of this. As a bonus for finishing the project, you’ll have a tool that can be put to good use in the future.

5. Learn Golang the Certified Way

Coursera is an excellent example of the kind of service where you may see a certificate confirming your expertise after finishing a course. Coursera offers a broad range of subjects taught by professors from legitimate institutions. As a result, you may earn credentials from both the site and the affiliated school.

You may learn the fundamentals of Go as well as some of its techniques and processes in three parts with the University of California’s Programming with Google Go Specialization.


You may learn Golang in a variety of methods, some of which are more effective than others and some of which can even complement one another. While there may be a “better” technique to learn Go, the subject really comes down to how you learn best. 

There’s a lot more to learning Golang, and you can learn it from Golang Forum (recently launched queue implementation in Golang library and more)

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of current strategies, particularly the free ones, to find what works best for you.